Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dear doGfather, Who Art In Heaven

"Please make the puppies go bye bye."

Well Wootie Bear, your prayers have been answered.

This weekend, Mona and her pups are going to their new foster home for the remaining three weeks of puppyhood. Their new foster home is big, and has a yard, and three kids to play with and socialize the pups. It's a so much better situation for them. I'm happy-sad. For all the stress that's been inflicted on my household, these little piggies will be much missed.

Oops! Shit, sorry.

I meant these little piggies:

I weighed the pups tonight when I dewormed them. Cindy is the most wee at just about 5 lbs and Oliver is the largest at almost 7 lbs. Bobby looks bigger than Oliver but he is fluffier and weighs a little bit less. They sure are fat and sassy little guys!

Remember when they looked like this?

Puppies, 24 hours old


Rest assured, there will be more puppy photos. I will be making the trek out to Delta every weekend to take photos and check on my little monsters as they grow.

My floofy woofy Bobby boy

Itsy Bitsy Feisty Cindy

Big Ham Oliver

Mr. Merley Mike

Even Miss Mona, Perpetually Hungry Single Mum

And as you can tell by Tweed's body language, he's just so, like, depressed that his favourite buddy Mona is leaving. Not.

I haven't broken it to him that his humpables are going with her.


ACB said...

awww buhbye puppers! :( gosh they've grown bunches and i'mma miss their fat little butts. but i'm glad that a sense of normalcy shall return to the 3 woofs and a woo. psst...woo has a new admirer. my 5 year old, boycheese, has become captivated by his woo-ness. yay for admiration of things that are fluffy!! don't let him kid you...his first word was kitty.

riosmom said...

Congratulations! So happy for you that you found another foster home. You have done heroic duty well above and beyond the call of duty. Happy, too, that you will continue to photograph the puppies and keep us updated.

And there may even be some new pictures of Red Dog next week! Can't get enough of him.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the new foster home will be great for the pups - I'm sure you are going to miss them terribly though!

Bobbie is just stunning!

Gracehoper said...

Geez - that full-body-puppies shot really shows how big they've gotten. They sure look happy and healthy.

The Border Collies said...

They have gotten huge!! They were less than 1 lb each when they arrived and are in the 6 lb range now. And they are very healthy and happy as well. I'm not healthy or happy at the moment. I have The World's Worst Cold or the flu ("same shit, different name, you still look like crap," said Cookie Uncle, when he brought me dinner and cold medication last night) and the pups woke me at 3AM ... wrestling. I am going to miss them so much, but I know they are going somewhere awesome, and that makes up for a lot.

Janet said...

It hardly seems that five weeks has passed in a flash! Though that perception may be highly subjective, and five months may have passed in your apartment...

What a wonderful job of launching seven beautiful puppies into the world, healthy and darling, and well-known to so many fans. I'm sure their fame will help them to land in outstanding homes. Santa really ought to treat you well this year!

Alaska said...

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. I am in the same condition, but unlike you I do not have puppies, and I do have the most excellent Nurse Kepler (yes, nurses come in "male" too), who has been lovingly tending to my every long as those needs involve snuggling or being kissed, that is. But really, when you feel like cr*p, what else do you need?

So long puppies, and thanks for all the cuteness. We bow our heads in tribute to your noble rescuer...and now, let the next adventure begin!

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Brianna said...

hahahaha humpables!