Monday, November 12, 2007

Huge Boobs!!!

Mona's got 'em. Baywatch Mona!

We've been taking Mona out and about to the park and beach this last week or so, now that her puppies no longer need to nurse every 22 seconds and can take an hour or two off to sleep and shit. Mona thinks this is just super. Sand is fun! Water is fun! Hockey balls are fun! Mona's having a lot of fun.

My alternate title for this blog was going to be The Omnipresent Doodle. At the beach this evening, one of those something-or-other-doodles was in, like, every shot. But I went with "Boobs" because I thought it would raise the readership of the male demographic.

There was Lars and a Doodle

And poor Piper getting "Wooed" by a random white dog ... and the Doodle.

And Tweed, getting bandied about by the wild waves. Watched by a Doodle.

So finally I just took a full shot of the damn Doodle. And then he went away! It was magic.

So Piper could get tossed around in the ocean unwatched by a Doodle.

Anyhoo ... Mona is enjoying her forays into the world as a dog, rather than a milk bar. The camera, though, does not love Mona. Her confusing Technocolour Dreamcoat pisses off the camera and it would rather focus on anything other than her.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch* the puppies are getting LARGE. And mobile! Now that their eyes are open, they notice when Mona leaves the pen and they are sometimes of a mind to go with her when she does. Fortunately, they are still totally uncoordinated and slow and I can beat them to the door.

*and by ranch I don't mean a junkyard in Southern California

They are getting cuter by the nanosecond! Especially now that they face the camera.

All systems are go. We have 6 puppies with Eyes Wide Open, and then there's One Eyed Jack who has only opened one. Actually, one and a half, and I'm still worried that the half is as far as it's going to open.

"Arrrr. Piss off, matey."

I have taken probably hundreds of photos of these puppies. I am surprised you're not bored! The puppies sure are.

Although, posing for photos is good practice for a career in porn:


They are a lot less blobby now, so they are doing cute things that make them a little more fun to photograph. Like climbing on Mommy.

Mona's all "Oh gawd, here we go."

But mostly they are just busy being cute!

And speaking of cute, my sister thought the puppies were so cute she tried to sneak one home in her pocket.

And she and her boyfriend were just disgustingly, upchuckably adorable. Blech.

Tweed watches the whole thing carefully, always conscious of the whereabouts of "his" puppies.

And doesn't let the other dogs come near "his" puppies. He takes his job seriously.

Conga line of puppies!!

Look! It's a bird!


River said...

More stunning photos - I could never get bored of those puppy pictures!!

Have you broken the news to Tweed yet that his puppies will eventually have to leave??


BcBerri said...

So happy we have all eyes! They are getting cuter by the second! Mona really is a pretty girl herself.

Anonymous said...

How is Red Dog feeling these days (after his dental job)?

Anonymous said...

"and by ranch I don't mean a junkyard in Southern California"


(I love it when I get things)


riosmom said...

Is One-Eyed-Jack actually Marsha? I gather Mike's eyes are open? Can the pups really see at this age or do they just see light and shadow? I guess I am asking when you will be able to tell if Mike and Marsha - or any of the others - are blind.

Is Red Dog fully recovered and feeling ok?

For future reference, assume all my comments close with "Great photos as always!"

Anonymous said...

I think the camera loves Mona...what's not to love? I'm so glad to see her happy and having fun at the beach :)

Wendy said...

Get bored of cute puppy pictures, are you insane????
Bring 'em on!!!!

The Border Collies said...

Paula said:

(I love it when I get things)

Paula!! You ROCK!!!


Red Dog is doing great, and thanks to all of you for asking! He is fully recovered and back to biting Woo at every opportunity. Ahhh, harmony.