Saturday, December 01, 2007

So long, Farewell

auf Wiederschauen, Good bye!

Today Mona and her Bunch went to their new foster home, on their 5 week birthday. I will miss my little chubbywubbies, but they are reportedly doing well in their new home. Uncle Finn, a TDBCR alumnus, is apparently overjoyed to have 7 new friends to play with. The family kids are over the moon!

New foster mum writes:

"...all seems to have settled in well. Finn has tried to engage Mona in some physical play, to no avail. So, instead he has decided that the pups are the next best thing. He lies on his back and lets the pups climb all over him. He seems to be having a blast, and Mona seems to be OK with the arrangement.
The children are all attaching themselves to different puppies. Anna and Marsha are on to nap #2 together in the bean bag chair. Too much fun."


Janet said...

Bye, pups! It sounds like an excellent plan, letting the pups have some pre-adoption time with children handling and playing with them. Such good socialization for the little blighters! I predict that the children will be the most popular kids on the block for the next three weeks. Oh yeah, that's obvious. I hope we'll still see some pictures.

Anonymous said...

Everybody long as we keep getting puppy pictures. And Woo in the snow. I want to see Wootie Bear playing in the snow. :)

mammalsandbirds said...

Yup.. good plan, and a big pat on the back to you for reversing what could have been a tragic story to such a "feel-good" one for the little tikes and their Mom. It's certainly warmed my heart every time I read one of your updates.

And how about you? Is that cold getting any better? I pop NeoCitran shamelessly. It's the only med that lets me sleep without coughing. (Get the one with cough listed as one of the preventatives.) That's my medical advice for this morning:)

Hope you're beginning to get back to somewhat normal routines, which are already too mind-bogglingly busy for most of us to fathom. Thanks again for all you do!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to see the puppies go but I'm ready for the focus to be on His Wootiness. Flamboyance, please.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the pups are doing great - must be the awesome start to life you and your pack have given them all!


ACB said...

Bye pooper woopers!! :( Partin is such sweet sorrow. Ok I can now has moar Red Dog, kthanxbai.