Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Houston, we have lift off!! (no photos)

We have our first open eye!! Little Jan was peering in my general direction with her left eyeball when I arrived home from work. I woke up all the other puppies to check for eyeballs, but only Jan appears to have one.

Now the real fun begins!


riosmom said...

It sounds like you are going to be keeping the puppies until they are ready for homes. I bow in admiration and amazement. I would be standing on street corners collaring people to be a foster home. The plus side is that we will get wonderful photos of them growing up.

MahnaMahna said...

how could you possible post that without photos?


and i just want to say - i love Red Dog. i'll take photos of him over puppies any day! :)

alicia marie said...

the disclaimer in the title really hit me as funny. I wonder how many people saw that, and just instinctively hit the back button on their screen?!? HA! Well, they missed the first eye, possibly the first stink-eye from one of the potatoes!

oh, and btw, I think AD needs her own link to "photos of AD" in the sidebar. I've missed her recently, you know. Only if it's not too much work. You *are* raising a litter of munchkins you know!

Anonymous said...

One down, thirteen to go ... how exciting.

riva said...

um eye and NO pictures? food lady is slipping!

at least a nice gratuitous pic of the "regulars" mustn't keep the addicts from their fixes! ;-)

Shawna said...

From this crazy dog lady (high school kids near my house call me that) with 7 4-legged pals of my own (four rescued BCs, two Rotties and one Lab), I also admire you. My mentor, Jill Widlits from Oregon BC rescue, recently retired and now I'm trying to find my stance in the rescue world.
LOVED your blog; will take more time to read it this weekend.
I most likely will be contacting you for perhaps some time spent in Canada next summer having you make my dogs a subject of photography.
Puppies are fun; big potatoes and then it seems one day they're DOGS!
Good luck, can't wait to see more pictures!