Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Spy, With My Little Eye ...

I apologize in advance, dear readers, for I have failed you. My flash died on me this evening and I am out of batteries, which means I didn't get any real good photos. The light in here is not sufficient on its own to get great shots. But if you look closely, you'll see that indeed, she can see you too now.

One of her brothers has opened his eyes as well. Everyone else is still squeezed shut, but it's coming!

The two little patterned whites haven't peeked at me yet.

And they don't know when Donut is sneaking up on them.

I was frustrated without the flash. Woo was frustrated at the lateness of dinner.

However, on the way home from work I stopped off at my favourite camera store, Leo's Camera, to spend more money I don't have. But what I wanted was a Kenko Tube Extension Kit, a purchase inspired by the talented photographer "JeffK42". The extension allows for more extreme close-ups, with which I was hoping to dazzle you all. Alas, there was that flash issue.

But before it died, I did manage to capture a tiny wee paw.

Unless Dominos delivers batteries with pizza, we are outta luck for any other photos this evening. Alas.


(I make it sound so exciting don't I?)

So, who knew other stuff in the house had flash-sized batteries in them? Like TV remotes? Sure, I can't change the channel now, but the show must go on! Or something.

Mona was all "Oh. Great. More photos. Right."

You can do almost anything you want to them when they're sleeping.

Cousin Oliver's a bit of a sadist. Here he is trying to smother one of his siblings under the guise of 'sleeping.' It may be difficult to tell in this photo, but they are in my lap, and what you can't see is the other puppy's head - because Oliver's giant noggin is slowly sinking it between my knees.

No worries. I rescued him.

And then Tweed came along and tried to kill him the same way. Poor little guy.

Tweed didn't mean it though. He loves his puppies!

Red Dog showed some interest in the puppies for the first time since they've been here today. I don't think he knows what they are. First he tried to roll it along the floor like a soccer ball and when I scooped up the puppy to save it, RD tried to grab it out of my hand like it was a tennis ball. I still can't be sure whether he was playing up the senile senior dog thing, or whether he's trying a new way to rid his home of the little rodents.

The whole thing just depresses the hell out of Woo. It's hard to be upstaged when you're used to being a star.

While the flash was still working, I played with my new macro toys.

Tweed nose ...

... versus Puppy nose

And how about an adorable close up of a puppy ear?

I think it what boys feel like when they get shiny car bits. Toys are fun!

Back to the regular lens ...

A puppy sleeps next to mama's paw

and here's a little paw versus a big paw

Woo's got cool eyes, but I think they are a little creepy way way close up.

And just because Donut isn't getting enough attention lately, here she is trying to attract some:


Anonymous said...

The tiny paw doesn't look so wee to me, and pretty soon these itsy bitsy footsies are gonna start stompin all over your apartment. You just got to admit that's one cute paw.

riosmom said...

I loved the picture of Tweed with the puppy and the pup's little tongue just showing. Glad you found a battery.

riva said...

is it wrong that I want one of the merle & whites (female please) to go with my obnoxious husky?

oh and voice of experience...don't forget to replace the remote batteries or you will get all pissy when you forget why they are gone. can't tell you how many times I've done this...

Anonymous said...

The comparison pictures of paws and noses are superb. Just love leaping Donut picture. Your new toy makes me happy.

Stanley said...

Everydog & everykitty in every photo looks so cool! I like Woo's eye, especially upclose.

Goob love,

Brianna said...

Those pictures are sooo adorable! Good job on them!