Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jonathon Livingston Seagull

This is a puppy-free post. You know why? Because I'm afraid of them. They are morphing in triple time now and becoming little tiny dogs. Last night I noticed that they had oozed themselves out of the open xpen and were all sprawled out asleep on the living room floor. "Oh that's too sweet," I thought.

Today, when we got home from the beach, they were MOBBING the door of the x-pen, running around and making very speedy escape attempts! "Holy shit!" I thought. How did that happen overnight? I'm in awe. I'm also scared to open the x-pen now.

Seventeen Days Old.

No wonder Mona didn't want to come home today. If you were a single mother of 7 little hellions, you'd probably spend as much time at the beach as possible too.


To those of you who insist Mona is a Catahoula Leopard Dog, I say, in the charming manner of Cookie Uncle, "Nuh uh!"

A Catahoula.
Sleek, lithe, masterful.


Lovely though she is, Mona is a dorky lab-type dog. Not that there's anything wrong with that! She is a grand dog and is going to make someone a wonderful companion. Especially someone who wants not-a-Catahoula.


Speaking of sleek (tubby) and lithe (tubby fatso) and masterful (tubby fatso mcChubberson)
Cookie Uncle says Woo is getting ready to hibernate for the winter and that's why he is so fat. I would love to tell you that the hump on his neck and shoulders there is hair, but that would be a lie. Tubby the Tunafish is portly! Hence the shot of him leaping for his frisbee/Wootie Toy. I'm putting the little porker to work!

However, the jiggle and sway does not stop him from engaging in his favourite activity:

So ... what do you think they're looking for? Woo's formerly thin physique, perhaps?

I couldn't think of a good segue into this photo, but her spastic frisbee moves kill me.

And I leave you with a last photo of Mona. I am trying to make you all love her, so that she too finds a home when the time comes. Everyone loves a puppy. Someone will hopefully love Mona too. Saggy tits and all.

PS - all eyes are now open, including Marsha's. Now the countdown to "do they work" is on. Fingers remain crossed.


Anonymous said...

Do the puppies use their legs (as in walk) to get around, or do they just push themselves on their tummies of plenty?

I just love Piper's frisbee moves. I haven't a clue how you get these shots. My fave one you captioned as "Kung Fu" but I'm unable to find it.

The Border Collies said...

Oh you'll find Piper Kung Fu Fighting on August 24th, in an entry called "Life Is Merrier, With A Terrier."

The puppies are now WALKING. Not doing the worm any longer. Actual WALKING. I'm afraid!

Anonymous said...

I think that so-called "catahoula" is actually a "great dane mix." Despite the fact that I've never actually seen Mona (or that other dog on the beach) in person, I'm not going to be dissuaded so easily...
(Seriously, I don't know what Mona is, but none of the three catahoulas I've known have looked like that beach dog. FWIW.)

Anonymous said...

How could anyone not love Mona? I'm sure she'll be snapped up in no time.

Yes, saggy tits and all.

Anonymous said...

Well, since we really don't know Mona's lineage, but she really does have a Catahoula resemblance, I think you should call her a Cata-Who?-La. (7 woofs and a Who).

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with saggy tits, I wear mine with pride.