Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Are They Gone Yet?

No? Damn.

Why God, why are there still puppies?

An offering to the Gods to make puppies go bye bye?

Sorry Pipesy Doodle, the puppies are still with us. And they are 9 or 10 days old. I'm not really sure if they were born Saturday night or Sunday morning, so it can be either one.

They have grown muzzles now, and no longer look like potatoes dropped on their ends.

Some of them are getting colour on their widdle pink noses. Can you see it?

Wah. Put me down Lady Who Doesn't (Yet) Feed Me.

So here's the whole spectrum of merles in the litter, dark to light. And as is the norm, they all have their asses facing me. Most. Uncooperative. Subjects. EVER.


Anonymous said...

Piper pictures and comments are hilarious, especially the offering.

I wonder how many adult dogs have pink noses? You certainly tweaked my curiousity on this one, so off to the dog park for research.

Anonymous said...

When does the Rescue calendar go on sale, and how do I purchase?

Poor Piper, it will get worse with the pups before it gets better.