Friday, November 16, 2007

Let it alllll hang out

Oh Mona
Gawd. It's practically pornographic!

That's better (hidden boobage shot)

So the other day at the park, Lars got violated by a fluffy cloud with eyes.
(yes, what you think is happening ... is happening)

Since then, Lars has taken a significant dislike to pretty fluffy clouds.

But fluffy clouds like Lars, and all things that look like Lars. This concerns Tweed.

Fortunately, rent boy Wootie can diffuse these situations.

The pups are now 20 days old and have begun the rudiments of wrestling, growling and playing. They have also reached the joyous and monumental stage of eliminating independently. Here's change for those $20.00 words: the puppies are shitting and pissing everywhere. Ewww.

This one peed on my bed. Note to self: photo shoots take place on floor from now on.

You'll notice their eyes are all wide open. Any day now, they will have some idea what they are looking at.

Apparently photo shoots are tiring, because they wake for 5 minutes and sleep for 5 hours.

Yesterday I promised you a puppy video but I couldn't get it to load. I've redone it, so maybe this time it will work.

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In case it doesn't, here's another "awwww" photo to distract you.


riva said...

a few things...1) I think Cousin Oliver has picked up on Uncle Tweed's err...less than honorable ideas? he is just a little too fond of his dear uncle! ;-) 2) Mona indeed has ginormous breastal units. Dear dear dear...Pam Anderson, I found your breast removal depository! 3) yay for videos!!! oh and 4) sorry Angry Donut...congrats on being a finalist!~

Janet said...

Oh Mona, will you ever get your girlish figure back? Seriously, Mona is an awesome momma dog! And she's going to make someone a fine companion when she's all through doing her maternal duties.

Makes me wonder what kind of "human" abandoned her as she was about to whelp? Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

um... I'm not sure the soft porn shots are helping Mona's adoption potential... available for adoption, retired star named Mona... just sayin'

Uncle Tweed... will be very sad when the puppies he's groomed go away. I expect some pouty shots in the upcoming months.

Have madteeth(TM) made a puppy appearance?

The video was very cute.

Anonymous said...

Awesome video of pups. I was surprised at Tweed, he is gentle and walks carefully so that he does not step on a wee one. Meanwhile Mona just barrels through the pile.

Now you have a house full of outa-control fun ... and pee and poop. Have you considered moving out and letting the kids have the place?

What does RD think of the little ones?

Thanks for sharing puppies growing.

Buzz's Food Lady said...

Okay, so boobs are natural and beautiful and whatever, but that shot of momma Mona? ick!

Nice to see the puppies in action...Oliver seems very spunky!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the video! I think Cousin Oliver is my favorite (Tweed's too?)