Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Woo Thousand Eight

and other Woo stuff for sale at the Woo Store

This is shameless self-promotion. Fortunately, so is the whole blog so I don't feel naughty at all!

Remember that the proceeds from items sold through the TDBCR Store - which includes the Woo Store - go to rescue, so if you buy something, you stroke my ego AND you do something good for dogs in need!

The puppies say Thank you!!!


riva said... suck! guess woo will be hanging in MY cube next year...I'll have to order one tonite...damn you! :-)

but thank you...

Barbara said...

I hope the calendar has pictures of fat and bloated Elvis----er...I mean Woo.

BcBerri said...

Yippeee!!! That's all I can say!!


Anonymous said...

oh hai, i can haz red dog calendar? okthanxbai.

Anonymous said...

Can we please (pretty pretty please) have Red Dog stuff to buy too???