Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meet Joelene

Joelene is the newest member of my family.

Ha ha! You thought Joelene was going to be a dog. Sucker.

That wasn't very nice was it? Sorry. Here are some random shots from dog walks and dog parks over the last couple of days. But first, I vow to

a) NOT become one of "those" bike people
b) NOT join Critical Mass (shut up Cookie Uncle. YOU join Critical Mass!)
c) NOT put a "Bikesexual" or similar sticker on Joelene, ever.

I am going to get a sticker that says "One Less Car" though ... and I'm going to put in on my van. That was Robyn's idea, and is just one of the many reasons I Heart Robyn.

Although I love Joelene more (*sorry Robyn)

Tweed and Piper waiting to start our hike on The North Shore
Tweed is bored

Dusty is also bored ....with his head, and tries a Woo on for size:

Poor Woo is always Dusty's target. Woo has borrowed Piper's Mad Teeth (tm) for these situations.

Can you believe no one has adopted Dusty yet? I can't :(

He's cute! He's sweet! He's even talented and can spot UFOs!

It was gorgeous weather for February in Vancouver.

Swimming at Kits Beach

Tweed in the North Shore Mountains

Cookie Uncle's new dog TDCKAB babysits a ball on the hike

Mr. Woo

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better ...

...I can do anything better than you."

Ryan has some stylin' Fifa (tm) moves:

But Wootie's moves are better.
(Actually Ryan's are better, but Woo is currently fat, so we're being kind)

So, thanks for introducing yourselves! That was fun. There are so many of you! We know 3WAAW is no Daily Coyote, but looks like we do alright. It's hard to compete with a pet coyote. Even when you have a Woo.

I'm just kidding. Even I like the Daily Coyote better than my own blog!

Since you all introduced yourselves, I guess I should too. This is me:
I'm The Food Lady. I'm 35, I'm single (again), my camera will one day need to be surgically removed from my body, and I have a really effin' cool parka. This is all you need to know about me. Oh that, and I am planning a photo tour of Dogs of the West Coast in May of this year.

I am sorry for starting the Grammar Wars, even though it was actually Rossiebug's fault and not mine at all. But after "watching" (reading) you argue, I asked one of the smartest people I know, who will be referred to only as Naughty Teacher, for clarification. Naughty Teacher is a highschool English teacher (and, for the record, he is also a real smartass - but he knows his grammar) and he said:

"James' = elegant
James's = tacky

Choose your poison."

I've been called many things, but tacky is NOT one of them. So it's James' log, definitively, and we won't speak of it again. And we can all remain friends.

And while we are introducing ourselves, let me introduce Lars' (<-- !!!) new brother The Dog Currently Known As Bear:
He looks quite a bit like Dusty, doesn't he? Cookie Uncle is trying to out-foster-dog me.

TDCKAB is doing whatever Dusty does, but better, as Cookie Uncle shows a strong inclination toward TDCKAB that he does not show toward Dusty. Allegedly, TDCKAB is still Cookie Uncle's foster dog, but we all think he's going to go legit any minute now.

But he needs a new name. Bear won't do. What should we call TDCKAB?

And speaking of dogs who look like one another, and to help out "anonymous" who asked for another Lars-and-Tweed comparison, here's a photo of the two red devils:

Can you tell them apart?

One is mentally challenged, and the other one is ... a 3 day old corpse.
Who's who?

Here's a photo of Woo playing with a random puppy.

PSYCH! That's the Un-Wootie. That's a dog trying to do whatever Woo can do, but better. But he FAILED.


Not Wootie

Weird huh?

"Remember the last blog entry, where you called me an asshole? Yeah, well, I'm goin' all Matrix on your ass now."

This is not a very good photo in terms of quality, but Ryan wanted to outdo Dusty and kick some Abby ass (look at his arms!)

But anything Ryan can do, Dusty can do better:

Wootie may be fat, but NO ONE can hurl himself in the ocean like The Woo!

Was there a point to this?? (sorry!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

James' Log (or: Ignoring Rossiebug the Grammar Nazi)


That's fine. James can have the log.

Tweed and Piper have the whole beach.

Does Ryan look worried to you?

Maybe because The Pale Man is coming?
(If you get this reference, you win ... Tweed)

Wootie's not scared of the Pale Man

"Shut up!" "YOU shut up!" "I hate you!" "You're dead meat, asshole!" Etc.

For real, Dusty's pretty eyes are just fine, and still in his head.

As are Daz's eyes:

Ryan ...

Wants to be Lars.

Tweed wants to be dry

Piper wants to be misunderstood (she's so emo)


I put a counter on this site yesterday. In 24 hours, 3WAAW has been viewed over 250 times. How come ya'll don't take a moment to say hi and introduce yourselves?

Woo loves his fans!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Nobody else wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day by posing near the random flower we found. Just Tweed. Sorry.

So a little while ago it, like, snowed and we have photos of that. And now it's not warm, exactly, but warm enough to play at the beach. We have photos of that too. But first...

Is this your pitbull playing tug with Abby?

If so, he's a nice dog. Plays nicely with others. The guy you hired to "train" the "aggression" out of him is a (cover your kids' eyes please; filthy mouth alert)



Seriously. You've not hired merely a charlatan, you've hired a fucking SADIST. Your first clue might have been when he confused "poor recall" with "dominance."

The second might have been when he picked your sweet, playful pitbull up, held him 5 feet above the ground and then slammed him to said ground ribs-first like dead weight, all the while pontificating to his horrified audience (ie me and Auntie Jody) about how "that'll teach him." If he had done it to a less robust dog, it might actually have been dead weight after that treatment. If he'd done to a less good natured dog, it might have ripped his stupid moustached faced off.

BTW, if this same fella is walking your Malamute or maybe your piss-terrified Portuguese Water Dog and he's got them chained together about 6" apart so they get agitated, tangled and then they fight (with the pitbull, who lost his off leash privileges for playing frisbee). And when they fight, he slams them to the ground too and holds them there BY THEIR LIPS until they SCREAM with PAIN.

This time, I called Animal Control and the SPCA and gave them his license plate #. Next time, there is a possibility I may kick him in the testicles while Auntie Jody holds him down by the lips as he screams.

This is a good time to remind you all that CRAZY ASSHOLES ARE SHITTY DOG TRAINERS!!! Don't hire them!

/end rant

This is what passes for snow in our 'hood.

Dusty has made himself at home with the pack, as you can see. He spends all his time chasing Wootie, and Wootie spends so much time fending him off he can't chase Piper, for which Piper is very grateful.

All this running has not made Woo any thinner though. He is still fat.

But that snow is long gone. We're back at the beach this week with our pals.
(Dusty found the table too scary to climb on)

Dusty was chasing Woo and keeping him distracted, so there was no one to chase Piper... except this weird leggy creature with no torso:

Dusty gave "fetch" a try and decided he liked it.

But not as much as Mr. Woo liked ....

...this log.

"Oh yeah baby. I wanna rub you allll over." (look what it did to The Flamboyance (tm)!"

I know it's Valentines Day and all, but this was a blatant PDOL!! (Public Display of Lasciviousness)

I was getting a little worried. But then Woo's girlfriend showed up and thankfully he abandoned his log love. Dusty looked on with envy. Woo likes Dusty, but not like this!

Abby just wants you to throw her frisbee. Please?

Happy Valentines from me and my pack. The dogs are going to chill at home tonight :)