Sunday, November 04, 2007

Uncle Tweed watches the kiddos

Mona has discovered raw meaty bones, and likes them a lot, whether there is meat on them or not. Even week-old picked clean bones appeal to Mommy Mona and she was elated to learn they are laying all over the house, in the event someone feels like a chew.

Mona has decided that Uncle Tweed makes a good babysitter, and she can troll the house collecting bones, while Tweed hangs with her brood:

Tweed is so happy. It's actually a little worrisome, because one of Tweed's nicknames is The Molester. He has a history of, erm, inappropriate (sexual) behaviour with young dogs. If there was a sex offender watch list for border collies, Tweed would be Public Enemy #1. So I think Mona should check her babysitter's references a little more carefully!

While trolling the interwebz today I learned that the puppies eyes' could open in as few as 3 or 4 more days. That's exciting! The pups are definitely double the size they were when they entered the world.

And yet, all they still do is sleep.

In all sorts of weird positions.

They are all so fat, they think their siblings make great pillows.

Mona is getting nice and chubby as well now, and has boobs I almost envy. Tomorrow morning, she goes for her first walk with the other dogs, since her pups are no longer nursing around the clock.

This makes Mona happy.

She's ready to go for a walk!


Now, since the pups are hogging all the attention, we return to the Usual Suspects of the 3WAAW blog.

Mr. Woo models a sticky paste of Cooper slobber + mud. He'll do anything for more attention.

Piper just wants to be pretty.

But will settle for a found ball in the bushes

Lars was Lars.

And Red Dog was ... gorgeous! Stunning! Beautiful!

And Tweed was thinking impure, lustful thoughts about puppies.


Anonymous said...

I have never seen a litter of newborn pups, so thanks for wonderful pics and informative update.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww - is about all I can come up with for those beautiful photos!!


Laura L. said...

When can we start buying them? I WANT THE BLACK ONE!!!! How much are they? They are so cute!!! Do you think you're going to keep any of them?

riosmom said...

Poor Tweed - he gets maligned whatever he does. I love the picture of him with the puppies. Your dogs are amazing if they don't mind Mona walking in and chewing on their bones - even if they are done with them.

Looking forward to hearing about and seeing pics of her first walk with the pack. Lucky Mona.

The Border Collies said...

When can we start buying them?

A pox upon your house! I do not sell dogs. These pups are rescue puppies.


If you are interested in a puppy, you can apply to be accepted as a suitable home when they are ready for their new parents, by visiting our rescue website at

We are not accepting applications for them at this time.

Do you think you're going to keep any of them?

Absolutely not. I have more than enough on my plate with Three Woofs And A Woo.

Buzz & His Food Lady said...

I love the picture of Tweed hanging out with the puppies. He has a sweet side, huh?

Buzz wants Woo to know that caught a squirrel this morning and it was good. I think it was messy and evil and unecessary, but Buzz says "good. happy. more!"

riva said...

ok...Tweed actually does look a bit lecherous in that last photo! Nice though that he can the kids while Mona gets out.

I can't wait till they open their eyes...much more fun and active! muhahahaha

Anonymous said...

How's RD? Will the tooth fairy visit with a wiener?

Patty Dogster said...

I was just coming by to invite you to Dogster's World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show, when I saw you're already on it! What beautiful shots you've got. Good luck to you!

(and for any readers - we'd love to have you enter as well!)

alicia marie said...

LOL @ boobs you almost envy....holy moley...I can't stop laughing at that!

RD sure looks pitiful, but I'm sure that I would look worse after a nightmare like he went through.

So glad Mona got to be out and about! There's nothing like being a stay at home mom that makes you appreciate your freedom every once in a while...Mona is a great Mom!!

The Border Collies said...

Laura L. wrote to tell me that the comments left under her name were left by her young daughter, who was perhaps a little over enthusiastic about the puppies, when Laura was logged into her blogger account. So I take back the pox on her house!! :)