Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fat and Happy

Thanks to all of you

Holly wrote:

I just really enjoyed reading through your blog. You’ve captured both the look of your kids and their personalities. I’ve passed on your website to a friend with a border collie and we were exchanging quotes from your website and laughing. I think my favorite is the dog trying to get the treat of the table. Priceless.

And I never realized that merles should not breed. So I’ve learned something new!

Anyway, I’m making a donation. I did a bit of volunteer work in Toronto while I was there and I am so impressed with what you’re doing.

Laura wrote:

Thanks for the updates and great pics on your blog, I have a great time reading it and I'm another Woo fan amongst so many! Anyway, I sent some $ to help feed the hungry buggers, I'm glad you posted the paypal stuff.
Good luck with them and keep the pictures coming,

The following folks did not leave messages, but we'd like to thank them anyway:

  • Anne-Marie, Kristin, Sharon, Kelly, Pia, Fern, Janet, Lynne, Robin, Rainey, Helen, Jacqui, Rossie, Erin, Saskia and Alison
Not to single any one of you out but HOLY COW Andrea, thanks so much! That's crazy!!

Thank you for your generosity!


Gracehoper said...

I donated in memory of Fergus who resembles Mona in more ways than one. When we got Fergus from the pound 14 + years ago, she was pregnant, unbeknownst to us. She had 12 puppies and we found good homes for all of them.

I am spending a lot of time daydreaming about making the trek to BC to adopt a puppy, maybe a deaf one, maybe Mona ... but whatever daydreams I may have, I know the reality of feeding and caring for an entire family (not to mention your other four).

What a nice refuge for Mona and her pups and what a wonderful start to life they have now - thanks to you.

Riva said...

It wouldn't let me leave a message (or I was so frazzled over forgetting my password that I didn't notice it!)...but feed the mom & kids for a few days and go buy a package of wieners for the woofs and the woo!

And I too am spending a lot of time obsessing about Marsha Marsha Marsha! Is BC fun at New Year's? ;-)

Fern said...

I've been a big fan of your blog since I adopted Ruby, an 11-year old BC, at the beginning of this year. She was just about to go to rescue (you!) when I brought her home. Sadly she had bone cancer and I only had her for 3 months.

So now I have a not as bright, not as beautiful, but still lovable in her own twisted way lab/thing cross.

Good luck with Mona & the puppies! And a big hug & cookies to Woo & the gang... I made a small donation as well.

Janet said...

You've provided a safe, supportive and friendly place for Mona to birth and rear her pups. So Tweed gets a little extra friendly? Compared to poor Mona's irresponsible breeding and abandonment, what the hey!

You know, if the rescue needs funds, you could hire her out as a puppy wet nurse... She's quite obviously good at it!

pampete1 said...

I have donated some money for the puppies. I have 2 BCs and a collie/chow so I know the cost of feeding! You are doing such a great thing giving these pups a fabulous start in life!

P L said...

Your photos of the pups and Mona are so wonderful, and I am in awe that you're able to take care of all of them as well as your own bunch!!! :) Unfortunately, I am a very poor college student, so I'm not able to send anything but virtual support and good juju. Keep up your spirits, even as they start waking you up at 3am!! :)

Redbirdie said...

I wish I could give more! I'm sure every little bit helps.


Schnitzie said...

You know I'm a big believer in the raw diet, and I am happy to support you in providing this excellent diet to Mona and the pups.

My last major sponsorship project, Lily the Saint, is recovered from her brutal heartworm infestation, treatment and overdose...and safely in her new, loving forever home. Hooray!

So it is my pleasure to donate and support you in your unbelievably generous and selfless effort to foster a family of 8 pups along with your 3 woofs and a Woo.

Hugs to you and yours -- Andrea/Schnitzie

Schnitzie said...

Hey, meat is expensive. I don't want you to have to worry about it.

sharon/sluj said...

Well, I confess to a selfish motive - it's an investment into more pictures! But you and the pups are welcome.