Monday, July 30, 2007

Lying here asleep on a sunbeam

*sigh* I'm jealous of the cat.

The Wootie-Dam is not working

It's black and white, it's crouching ... and yet, it's not a border collie!

This tennis ball is broken

And really, what's a trip to the beach without Mad Teeth (tm)?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Big Sky

Japan --oops, I mean, Canada

That's who was responsible for last night's pyrotechnics display.

Yes Piper, we feel the same way about those nasty fireworks.

Although, if there must be fireworks, at least let them be good fireworks, right? I must say that Japan put on a pretty good show.

ETA: Alert! I screwed up!
Except it wasn't Japan, which goes to show how awesome my listening skills are. According to today's newspaper, last night's show was a Canadian entry, not Japan's.

Sorry Spain, Japan Canada kicked your lights-in-the-sky ass
(you can see bigger versions of these photos by visiting my Flickr site)

Except that WASN'T my Flickr page!! Thanks to Rae for pointing out what my mother has told me all along ... I am an idiot!! It's fixed now.

So poor Tweed and Mr. Woo hate the fireworks. I end up with Woo crammed under a table and Tweed shivering and drooling in my lap. It's not super fun for anyone. We've been working on ways to make them more comfortable with the whole big-bang-boom business, and even the Kittenz got in on the action.

Angry Donut suggested Tweed try some calming Yoga, like this:

She also suggested some "Laugh Therapy"

Round Eye offered to hold his hand throughout the scariness.

Then she tried some hypnotism

When when these tactics failed to work, Tweed's dad, who was visiting last night, told him to "Stand up and be a man, for Christs Sake."

So, in an admirable effort to live up to this father's expectations, Tweed put on a display of bipededness:

Piper was all "yeah, loser, be a man! Even I can be a man!"
But that "be a man" shit never works. Tweed was still panting heavily with nerves.

Piper, the little bitch, was totally imitating and mocking him

Mr. Woo put on his best cute face. Why not? Usually it gets him whatever he wants, maybe this time it would get him a fireworks-free night!


And Red Dog, bless his soul, only wanted cuddles and cookies.

Two down, two to go ... next Wednesday I may brave the crowds and step out to see if I can get some fireworks shots without a big building in the way.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Does your tongue do this?

No? How about this?

No? Really? Okay, what about this?

Huh. I guess it's just us.

Do you remember Josh from way back in April?
Well baby, look at him now:

"Oooh, yeah, right there....right there ... yeah"

Give it to me baby.

This must be why they call them "boxers"


Sawyer stole Woo's girlfriend

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fireworks are Hell

Celebration of Light?

More like How To Ruin My Night

Every year in Vancouver there are four hellish days worth of big-boom-bang-bright lights, accompanied by the entire population of Surrey squeezed into my genteel neighborhood. They suuuuuuck. Maybe they are internationally acclaimed. Maybe they are excellent PR for the city of Vancouver. Maybe they are HELL for those of us who live here.

For starters, I had agility class this evening. It took me less than half an hour to travel from Maple Ridge to downtown Vancouver.

It took me 40 minutes to get from here to here:
According to Mapquest, that should take 4 minutes to travel.

It just gets worse from there. I will spare you my insane ranting that accompanies every single year of the fireworks ... the freaked out dogs, Tweed vomiting, the endless noise, fights, stabbings and garbage that go on for hours and hours...

Dear City Of Vancouver: next year hold them in WEST VANCOUVER. See if the rich folk put up with the shit in their neighborhoods that you thrust upon us commoners.

Plus, they do this to Mr. Woo

These are a wee portion of some of the hundreds of thousands of people who invade my 'hood.

This shit goes on for like half an hour.
Less time than it took me to travel 1.17 miles to get home for the privilege of being bombarded with them.

I don't even know where the kittens are now.

Speaking of Kittens, now known as "Angry Donut" and "Round Eye", I do believe they are coming around to co-existing with the menagerie in my household.

Toilet Kitty was not sure, at first, that I had done him a service of any measurable kind.

Why for you bring home these kittens?

The kittens, as well, were a little nervous of the ENORMOUS TK.


But soon they all became pals.

No, not scary

With a little coaxing, they also adopted Mr. Woo, who fancies himself Mighty Protector Of All Things Kitten. The other night he *attacked* Tweed for staring at them - like a full blown, out and out assault. I think they're safe with Wootie.

I can tell that we are gonna be friends

The Sentry on duty

The Angry Donut says "You had a Toilet Kitty, but I eated it."

Shhh. Sleeping.

Goodbye and Good Riddance fireworks from Hell. See you again on Saturday. Grumble.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh Hai

Is it, can it be, kitten time now pleez?
"Oh Food Lady, what have you done now?" asks Toilet Kitty

I gots me some kittens, I does!! Look at these cuties!! Cats after TK's heart, they adopted the bathroom straight away.

I am thinking of naming them Round Eye and Grumpy. Guess which one is which?

Round Eye is an American Short Hair kitten.

Grumpy is a straight eared Scottish Fold kitten.
They are both 15 weeks old. I'm having difficulties deciding who is the most awesomer kitten. Round Eye has a motor on her that just won't quite and will fall asleep if you cuddle her. Grumpy has superior photo potential and will sit on your shoulder while you are walking around. It's difficult to choose!

Who's your favourite kitten?

Tweed says whichever one fits in his mouth is the perfect kitten for him.
He's waiting patiently.

Piper promises to be nice to kitties, she swears she will!
Don't believe everything you hear.

Red Dog says "What? What's a kitten? Is that like dinner? Or breakfast? I like food."

Mr. Woo, who rode home from Washington with The Angry Kittens Who Don't Like Being In Cars says he would much rather just run away from the whole idea.