Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's my birthday

and I'll post photos of something other than puppies if I want to!!

No seriously, it is. And I WILL post photos of something other than the puppies. The thing is, there won't be very many of them and they won't be very good. Cuz I haz a hangover, kthnxbai.

I took the dogs to the beach for a bit, but it was packed full o'dogs and people. It was difficult to take photos when I was dragging a potential suitor off Mona every other ball toss. Poor thing was beset on all sides.

I guess it's true - the girls with nice racks get all the attention.
When you have 4 times as many boobs at the average girl ...

Poor Mo. She ran so fast from these potential men friends that the sheer velocity of her escape made her get uppy ears! I think it's too bad dogs can't talk. Because if she could have just said "Dude, I am a single mother of 7 babies at home" all those boys would've just faded away into the ether. You ladies know what I'm talkin' about.

For Jane, I offer some new pictures of The Flamboyance (tm)

Both still

And in action

And trying to get a little Mad Teeth (tm) action
No dice though. The pink Orbee ball I bought for Piper seems to neutralize Mad Teeth (tm)

Gratuitous Tweed Photo (more velocity induced uppy ears)

So no puppy photos, as I really need to take a nap. But to update you all:

1) The puppies now have teeth
2) The puppies have found their voices
3) The puppies are eating semi-solids!! Here is a boring video of munching puppies eating their first meal:

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Nap time.


Anonymous said...

happy birthdaze! I had one this month too and it took me a few days to get over it!

I just found this blog a few days ago and I am having a blast catching up on past postings and all the great photos.


Janet said...

Happy Birthday! Those are the roundest, roly-poliest puppies, which probably relates to the observation that Mona is the milkiest momma dog I think I've ever seen. That first picture, where her "rack" is swinging back and forth is just too much! She's just awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy B'Day oh food lady of large furry family. Must be hard looking after the pooches big and small with all the noise and you not feeling good because of liquid sustenance. The puppies are eating real food already, boy they grow like weeds. Thanks for the update. Nappies are good.

BcBerri said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a god one!

Amy S

sluj said...

Happy birthday!

Now can I have Batpuppy?

riva said...

happy birthday! meant to post earlier but i'm a lazy butt.

as for the pic of mona and her flopping bosoms...yikes!

alicia marie said...

Happy Birthday Food Lady! take your time to recover....I hear puppy breath cures all sorts of ails...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday - loved the pics and hope the hangover wasn't too bad!


Redbirdie said...

I hope you feel better today! Happy Belated!

MahnaMahna said...

happy, happy birthday, food lady!!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!
Will any birthday presents manifest in the form of more neat photo equipment for your adoring fans...?

3dogslater said...

Holy boobage! Belated birthday wishes...hopefully the worst of the hangover has passed by now ;)

Hornblower said...

Happy birthday! Wishing you many happy returns & much doggy digital photoglory!

riosmom said...

A belated Happy Birthday and wishes for many more!

A caption for the first picture could read "You aren't going to fool me this time!" Poor Mona looks so wary. How do we know dogs can't talk to each other? If they could, I wonder what they would say about us.

dp said...

Reminds me of dinner time in my family. That would be my brother Randy with practically his whole self in the bowl.

Poor Mona needs some support.

jane said...

How generous are you to give me pictures of The Flamboyance on your birthday?! Thanks! I just wish I could squish it between my fingers and powder my face with it!

Happy birthday!