Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mr. Woo Goes Fishing

Today's Spanish Banks Extension trip looked like this:
Tide pools, tide pools, as far as the eye could see ...

And those shallow pools, apparently, contained lots and lots of tiny little smelts.

Mr. Woo says they're no squirrels, but they'll have to do.

So many of you have dogs who catch things with their feet instead of their mouths. Now, who has a dog that goes fishing?

Can you spot the smelt in this photo?

Mmmm ... smelt ....

After eating a couple of smelt, Mr. Woo decided they were not the hors d'oeuvre for him. Too salty maybe. However, it did not stop him from catching and playing with them, then leaving them to their last gasps in the sand.

We had a little chat about being wasteful, and starving children in Africa, and not being Dexter, and Woo retorted that he was merely feeding the local fauna.

And sure enough, when I turned around, I saw we were being stalked by birds of all kinds.


and terns

It took them no time at all to figure out that it was easier to let Wootie catch them than do it themselves. It was starting to get a little "The Birds" so I broke out the Chuck It and a game of ball to shoo them away.

The Wonder Twins had been waiting oh-so-patiently.

But with so much open space, sometimes Piper got a little confused about where her ball had been thrown.

"Hrrrmmm ... you claim to have thrown it, yet I see nothing."

"OOOHHH! There it is! ONMYWAY!!"

Mr. Woo was distracted from smelt fishing by the allure of chasing Piper (under Sport's careful supervision, naturally)

1) Grab neck 2) pull 3) force Piper to make Googly Eyes:

Until she wallops you with a roundhouse and sends you - literally - flying!

Tweed waits patiently while I take pictures of the hooligans.

And he is VERY happy when the attention is finally on him.

Sport kept an eye on everyone, like the good Warlord that he is.

After a couple hours, I noticed that the water level was rising on my boots, and it was time to head back. We ran into this fellow, who was apparently a puppy. This photo was taken a millisecond before Sport tried to beat the shit out of this enormous puppy. If you look closely, you can see his Mad Teeth (tm)!

What a jerk!

It's a bit hard to reconcile the Jerk with World's Cutest Old Man dog.
^^ money shot!

Fortunately, Sport is all snap and no damage, and the giant puppy ran off into the sunset (yeah okay, it was 2pm - semantics people!!) with a puppy pal.

When we reached the shore (??) Tweed did something he NEVER does. He *played* with a random dog.

Shakes up some courage.


You see why he liked this dog? A fellow "hands" (paws) user!

And some completely random pictures:



Oh ... hai! How YOU doin'??

Sport is having a darn good time. We stopped at the vet to refill his prednisone and everyone was so happy to see him look so happy!

Yesterday's Critical Mass:
Joelene stayed home. This time Alfie was my faithful steed. I have a serious crush on my roadie!

Monday, August 25, 2008

He Weebled and He Wobbled And

Then he fell down :(

Poor Sporty. Yesterday he experienced diminishing returns: we returned from the beach, and his ability to climb the stairs had diminished. I had to carry him up the flight of stairs from the parking lot as he fell on his face when he tried to do it himself.

Recognize this stance?

This is the stance of a dog who has a painful elbow. I saw this every day for years with ole Red Dog too. Poor Sport! He has fallen victim to The Elbow Curse of 3W!

However, it does not stop him from running around like a fiend at the beach.

Or, you know, being handsome and stuff.

At the beach today we had a rare sighting of the Tousle-Headed Long Beaked Brown Dog:

You must be careful with these critters ... if you startle them, they go mad. Mad I tell you!:

We also saw the Bat Eared Lip Licker

And its close relative, the Big-Tailed Zen Dog in a blissed out state.

Until we startled it

And it fled in a crazed panic (wtf is he doing??)

Mr. Woo got some Big Air!

And Tweed got little tiny air. Does anyone else have a dog that catches stuff with his paws instead of his mouth?

Piper was all offended because she was omitted from today's entry.

It wasn't my fault. Mr. Woo kept getting between her and the camera.

Donut thinks the blog is getting boring and it's time to end this entry!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another New Addition

Meet Alfie

Alfie is about 13 years old and like many of my favourite things, came to my attention on Cragislist. Alfie was 'surrendered' to a fellow border collie rescuer in Washington on my behalf by the former owner and Heather kindly brought Alfie part way to meet me.

Going over the border was, again, a nightmare. Another hour in immigration only to get a sympathetic border guard who told me that it was "very stupid" to detain me for this. This time, I *MADE* him search my vehicle for photographic equipment (none), in exchange for him putting what amounts to "this is really stupid" on my file, with the intent that in the future I will not be flagged when attempting to visit the USA. Yeesh!

[Borg Bitch = 1. Snoozefest '08 = 0. ]

The not-so-new addition, Sporticus, continues to defy death. Every day we go to the dog beach or the dog park and Sport runs and runs and runs and runs - the same dog who could only get as far as the beach and then lie down!! The other day we even tried swimming. Sport would like you to know that he's sorry he let Canada down, and won't be winning any swimming medals any time soon, but he certainly gave it a shot.

Aside from a new limp in the front, and hoarding the most persistent tapeworm I have ever encountered, he is doing very well.

He's always in the middle of whatever's going on:

Get of the shot Sport!!


Mr. Woo and Piper's tribute to the 98 Olympic Games:

Synchronized Fifaing.


Last weekend the Brady Bunch had a family reunion. I unfortunately could not attend, given that it was in my Nemesis City (ie Washington) and I had too much going on that weekend. But I did get photos! These little monsters are all growed up!! Holy crow, hard to believe they are almost a year old.

Marsha is now Sophie

Mike is now Seamus

Jan is now Jazzy

Cindy is now Loki

And Bobby is now McGee

Apparently Mona (Willow) and Cousin Oliver (Mitch) could not make it to the reunion. Cindy's adopters don't keep in touch, so we don't know how she is doing.

Thanks to everyone who went to the reunion for sending the photos of my babies!! Hopefully I can make it next year.

If you are feeling nostalgic, you can visit photos of the Brady Bunch growing up on my Flickr site.


Ever wondered if you have a Doppelganger out there somewhere?

Wootie does not. Because he KNOWS he does.

This is Nadja, who looks a helluva lot like Mr. Woo! It's eerie!!

Originally uploaded by utski7

Check out her photo to see more eerily-similar-to-Mr.Woo photos!!


Lastly, a new blog you might be interested in is

Vet On The Edge.

Check it out!!