Thursday, November 15, 2007


Huh? HUH??

We have walkies!!

Of course, we still have sleepies:

And we have Snuggles With Mommies

But it's Day 19 and the puppies are definitely walking!! Photos don't do it justice. Thus I offer video!

Okay, this video won't work. I removed it and I will try again in the next post.

Mona says "Ruh roh!"

If The video doesn't work, try back again in a bit. Dogster's servers may be a tad busy since the finalists for the World's Cutest were just announced (*breathes on knuckles, rubs knuckles on collar*) Donut is a finalist! Ahem.

Is Donut impressed? Doesn't look like it.


riosmom said...

Congratulations! You have walkies - and that means poopies and pee pee all over the place. Oh joy! But aren't they wonderful?

riva said...

I still can't see the video...waaaaah...I want to see walkies (but not poopies and peepees!)...

I still really like the female merle and white...sigh

River said...

Way to go Donut!