Sunday, September 30, 2007

Excuse me, I think your cat is upside down.

"Excuse me, I think your cat is upside down."

"I hate to be a pest, but the floor is really far away. I wish you'd do something about that."

"Oh hi - I'm right here. No need to take photos of boring old Skip!"

Speaking of Skipper ... is it just me, or does he look like a balding old man? I'm going to start calling him Patrick Stewart.

Now Tweed is no balding old man. Tweed is the very height of, umm, fashion.

"Yo. 'Sup."

I wore pretty much this exact thing today, except I was also wearing pants (Tweed drew the line at pants). When Tweed wears it, I take photos of it and people go "awwwww!" When I wear it, people call me a "tea cozy."

(See if you get your poodle photos now, Miss OverOverBoing! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!)

When Red Dog wears it, I start thinking about angry, bloodthirsty Scotsmen.

In this photo, Piper reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Can you see it?

But really she was just giving me a look that says, in Piper-speak "Look crazy Food-Slash-Photo Lady, I know you've got something up your sleeve and I know I'm not gonna like it."

She was right.

Life Imitates ... art?

Art(?) Imitates Life.

That was really low of me. Piper lives to eviscerate stuffies, and I don't let her kill my border collie stuffies.

So she took it out on Woo.

Bitey Face Smackdown Round II

The she was happy :)

Angry Donut is never happy

Red Dog, bless his heart, slept through it all.

For no reason.

And again!

Friday, September 28, 2007

How Much Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The PAIN

I like tattoos. I like dogs. I don't care for dog tattoos.

This was my compromise.
All 4 of my hounds are now memorialized on my person.

Here's an interesting fact - when you get a tattoo on your forearm, it makes your hand sweat. Weird, huh? I felt like my hand thought it was in love with my tattoo artist and was all nervous, even though the rest of me wasn't.

Another interesting fact - it f*ckin' HURTS!!

If you're thinking of inking, I highly recommend Andy at Sacred Heart Tattoo. Tell him the weird dog lady sent you.

Here's what Tweed thinks of my loving and permanent dedication to him and his brethren:
Ungrateful bastard. Maybe I'll have his lazered off!

We had a big long day at the beach. Red Dog is tired.

You can't really blame him. He had a rough time of it!

Skipper thought it was GREAT! For an old dog, he sure can move.

"Excuse me, waiter? There's a frisbee on my tongue."

He wasn't the only old dog having a good time at Spanish Banks today. "Lou" was having a blast as well!

Like, a headbanging good time!


This dog lost something in the ocean. Maybe it was his manhood.

Tweed offered to go find it. Keenly, I might add.

Piper was getting all upset because the seaweed was touching her, the seaweed was touching her!

In fact, she is still pouting about it.

Angry Donut is not pouting. Angry Donut is too busy hunting a moth.

"I'm pretty sure there's a moth just above you."

Red Dog woke up long enough to ask for dinner, cutely.

Then Tweed did as well

When I continued to ignore them, they tagged teamed me.

Woo was just praying to the gods that dinner would appear

Angry Donut thought sushi was on the menu, and decided it was self serve

A beautiful day ...

... Turned into a gorgeous evening

and now I am off to drown the pain in Tequila!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Skipper See, Skipper Do

On the weekend, I picked up my latest foster dog, Skipper

Skipper is 13 years old. He is stone deaf. He's just a wee slip of a thing, tipping the scales at a whopping 25 lbs.

At first, the entire household took one look at him and wrote him off as a totally boring old fogy.

I can't imagine why.
Admittedly, I more or less agreed with the pack assessment. Skipper plodded along in his own little soundless world, doing his own thing (sleeping) never really bothering anyone (because he was too busy sleeping) and not getting in anyone's way (difficult to do while one is sleeping).

Then, I introduced Skipper to the beach.

The first hint that a significant change was about to overtake Skipper was when he started trying to imitate The Flamboyance (tm).

(unlike Piper, who has elected to go for the non-traditional Anti-Flamboyance (tm). Poor tail)

Then, he took a shine to the Wootie Toy and all things that go along with it, such as the always delightful barkscreaming.

Anyway. In no time at all, Skipper decided he wanted to be Woo too/two.

Wootie was clearly amazed

Udda udda udda

Piper was merely unimpressed.

Because now, rather than just having a Wootie to contend with ...

Piper was faced with the Dreaded Twootie (tm)

If there wasn't one of them atop her, eliciting the infamous Mad Teeth (tm)...

... she was gamely fending off the other half of the Dreaded Twootie (tm)

Woo is not very competitive, so he decided that since Mad Teeth (tm) were in good hands, so could get into a tussle with a Jack Russel

Poor Piper couldn't get a break!

This is a gratuitous Wootie Leaping shot, just because.

It was nice to see old Man Skip running around and having a good time, at last! He is a dear old thing who will soon be available for adoption.