Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Brady Bunch

Today the puppies are one week old.

"Yay, happy-freakin'-birthday. Go home now."
Piper has no love for Mona and her puppies.

Mona the Mama has gotten a lot happier though. She is a little more relaxed about her babes and a little happier in general.

We still aren't sure what Mona is. The Catahoula people say she is an Aussie mix. The Aussie people say she is a Catahoula or Catahoula mix. Mona exists in a land between breeds, where no one can hear her calling. I guess that's why Border Collie Rescue ended up with her.

Cookie Uncle came to see the puppies last night. He introduced one to Tweed.

"Mmmmm, tastes like chicken."

He also said that the puppies were, and I quote, "boring." Apparently he thought they'd be riding elephants and recreating the second season of Le Cirque Du Soleil for his visit.

I didn't think they were boring at all. In fact, I thought they were quite amusing, especially when one of them peed on Cookie Uncle. It's very very funny to see a 200 lb man shrieking "It tinkled! It tinkled!"

So they are getting quite huge and incredibly mobile as well, for creatures that are unable to walk. Today I put them in the coffee table* while I cleaned out the Xpen and one of them busted loose and made a break for it.

* My coffee table doubles as Tweed's crate. It's a long story. Ask me some other time.

They still spend an awful lot of time sleeping though.

Hmmm ... they ARE kinda boring, aren't they? I am sure in two or three weeks I will regret that statement.

Woo makes sure they don't try and bust into his kitchen. La Garda Woo.

In other, non puppy related news:

1) Red Dog goes for surgery on Monday to remove the half-a-tooth remaining in his mouth after he snapped the one off fence fighting with Mona. I hate putting him under at his age, but since he has the immune system of a Great Abyss of Nothing, that hole in his face needs to be fixed up. So wish him well.

2) Earlier this week at the beach, I witnessed an episode of "When Idiots Collide.
Tweed ran smack into this dog:
with an audible "BANG." After much whimpering from both of them, we went our separate ways. Now Tweed is having some difficulty getting one of his legs to cooperate with simple things like, oh, motion and weight bearing.

I thought puppy fostering brought about GOOD karma???

Here, enjoy a Weim puppy.

While you do that, I'm going to have a hot bath and a stiff drink!


Riva said...

I too find the "it tinkled" story quite amusing. Oddly though...I envision Cookie Uncle in a pink that wrong?

I'm worried about Cousin Oliver...he seems to have a gravity issue that keeps him perpetually on his back...does he ever roll over? ;-)

My thoughts are with RedDog...he'll be back trying to steal food soon!

I love the puppies...but more pics of your clan please! :-) They will always be my favs.

dp said...

Good luck to RD -- I hate putting them under any time. Willow took a LONG time to come around when she had the nasal flush, and I hate seeing them like that. Hope that all goes smooth.

Natalie said...

If puppies are anything like kittens, you sure will be regretting the "boring" statement. I swear it happened overnight too... one day I was sitting on the floor happily watching them fumble around in their bed... the next they were bouncing off the walls, tackling my feet and climbing my legs.

Many good wishes for RD for a very uneventful surgery.

River said...

We'll be thinking of Red Dog and hoping all goes well with his operation.


riosmom said...

I second the wish for RedDog to have a very uneventful surgery. Poor guy to be on prednisone and to have an unreachable bowl of food where he can see and smell it. Is Mona well enough now to only have feedings when the other dogs do? Or does she need access to food all day while she is nursing?

I loved Cookie Uncle's "it tinkled" - takes me back to my childhood.

Forgot to say, great photos as always.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery for RD.

3dogslater said...

Look at this face:

Then look at Mona - clearly an Aussie mix :)

Paws crossed for RD - don't forget to give him arnica or traumeel before and after the surgery. It made a huge difference for Belle when she had her two surgeries.

The offer is still good for respite puppy care!

Anonymous said...

RD - surgery means vet. Yuck. They supposedly help us so why do they use needles, and that thing up the yahoosit? All the best for Monday, I'll be thinking about ya.

Anonymous said...

Arnica and traumeel may be good, treats maybe better, but wieners before and after for about a week are best.

Skye the Wonder Dog said...

Good luck Red Dog! Old dogs rule.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts for RD! Hope the surgery goes well. Does Mama Mona have a little lab in her?

Hornblower said...

Hope the good puppy karma swings by you soon & makes a large deposit. You know, the 3 poop bag size.... Good luck with the dental surgery & I hope Tweed is not seriously hurt.

Mona and the puppies are great. Love the potato puppy photos; the ones with their stretched out paws are awesome in their cuteness.

silhouettestable said...

From these pics Mona looks so much like my Thunder (colour, shape of head, eyes, everything), that they could be brother and sister. Doesn't help much about her breed though, he's also a rescue and it's been suggested that he could have catahoula (he's from Louisiana), aussie, ACD, and sometimes there's something about him that even suggests german shepherd (something about his side profile). Nobody's ever suggested lab though.

Wishing RD a speedy recovery.