Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is there nothing Woo won't eat?

... and other random photos from the last week.

Tweed and Woo scrapping over the Wootie Toy.


Oh here's a good one - a sighting of the very rare West Coast Tree Monster

Like Big Foot, this is not often photographed:

Also, Jenn's second job is as a cleaning brush for the many Sigg (tm) water bottles of Kitsilano yuppies:

Here's something you don't see too often. Piper and Jenn sitting close together/ in the vicinity of one another. These two ladies Do Not Get Along. They are much too alike.

Okay, here's what Woo ate today. Don't hate me, or him.
Bunny? Chipmunk? I dunno. I tried to save it; tackled Woo and pried this out of his mouth, but it was too late and it gasped its last in my hands. Woo is VERY BAD and also, very hungry.

This doesn't look like the face of a stone cold killer, does it?
He's so not getting any dinner tonight. Unless dewormer counts as dinner.

When Donut heard the news, she was really upset. She really wanted to eat that thing.
Here's something we haven't seen in a while: MAD TEETH (tm)

And I include this photo because it makes Tweed appear handsome. The 20D loves Tweed.

At least someone does.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Want! Want want want!!!
Puppy photos by Jenn Norwood


This is why:

It's a tiny little Briggs!


Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!

Alas, no puppy for me. The timing is truly terrible, as we are fixin' to move some time in the next 6 months and a 4th dog makes that fairly prohibitive to most potential landlords (like 3 doesn't!). I love my building and I LOVE my deck, but I need more interior space. And a real bedroom would be nice. But Vancouver peeps - tell us about your dog-friendly buildings in the Lower Mainland and help us with our rental search, or help another Vancouver blog reader with their dog-friendly accommodation search!

I'll just go back to want want want want wanting!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Don't Touch My Wiener!

Mr. Woo will be absent from today's entry. Because Mr. Woo DOESN'T FOLLOW THE RULES and pretty much the second I took my hand off the wiener, Mr. Woo *grabbed* it and ate it - "NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!" Bastard! Even with my hands down his throat, he still managed to consume 7/8ths of a wiener in 1/100th of a second.

The game doesn't last very long if Woo eats all the props!

And so ... No Woo For You!

Hey, who wants to see my wiener?

"I would!"

"Oh! Me! Me! Me too!"

Okay then. But no touching.

I said no touching!

"No touching what? I don't see anything. No wiener here. Nope. There is NO WIENER on my foot."
(it's called a coping mechanism)

Let's just see a close up

Piper. HEY, Piper!

"Leave me alone, I'm making sure the wiener doesn't go anywhere."

"Can I touch it yet? Please?"

Piper ... is there a wiener on your foot?

"Nope. Not at all. Nuthin' there."

Okay, that game wasn't all that hard. It's more difficult to play in pairs.

The Double No Touching The Wiener Game.
...and this is where the game ended. Because when I told the dogs they could eat the wieners, Piper had been pretending so hard that there was no wiener on her foot, that she actually FORGOT there was a wiener on her foot. And when I released them from their no-touching stay, she stood up, took a step and kicked the piece of wiener across the room.


And she went scrambling after it flashing Mad Teeth (tm) at everything in her path. I was laughing way too much to take photos.

But who had fun playing the wiener game?

"I did!"

"Me me me! I did!"

"I don't get why I was kicked out of the game. I ate the wiener. Isn't that the point?"

"you dogs are all on crack."

Why is it so much fun to say "wiener?"

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today's entry is a small homage to The Fail Blog.

But first, Tweed wants to thank you all for your concern, comments and emails. He wants you to know that he's just fine. And by fine, I mean he's like this:

i.e. - as "fine" as Tweed gets. Oh and his shoulder is better too. He played agility last night for the first time in many weeks and he was *so* excited that every time the barn door opened for a new classmate, he bent himself in half, hollered "WooWooWoo-ooo-owowowow-waaaa-wwww" and crab-wiggled over to welcome them. It was Tweed's party, and he could be a dork if he wanted to.

Anyway. Back to


"I got it, I got it!"

"OMG! Here it comes! It's coming!"

Uh oh.


Interlude: a word about today's photos

Recently I purchased a Canon 20D (thanks Derek!) as an upgrade to my much slower 300D. Getting a new camera is like getting a new boyfriend (except way lots better!) - each one has its own quirks and personality. For example, Woo's orange-ness gives this new camera the fits, and I have to fiddle with the settings or he comes out FLAMIN'-freakin'-orange on settings that would be more subtle on the 300D

And because we are new to one another, me and the 20D don't always see eye-to-eye. Sometimes I forget to change certain settings because they're in a different place than on the 300D and so my little rituals get messed up (<--OCD). Anyway, it was grey and almost-rainy out today; this is only me and 20D's 2nd or 3rd date, and my zoom lens doesn't operate at its best in low light. So not all the photos are great with respect to quality. However, sometimes the *content* of the photos is pretty damn funny, which is why I've included them anyway. For example: In this FAiL, Piper is out of focus and the framing and exposure are both off.
However, if you look closely, you can see how Piper's nose is all wrinkled up as she anticipates getting hit in the face with the FAiL frisbee, and you can see the slobber in the air above her face from the sheer effort of her FAiL. I thought that was pretty damn funny.

I promise, as me and 20D get to know one another, the quality of the photos will improve.

Mr. Woo decides not to risk any aerodynamics and goes straight to

"Arrgh! Get in mah belly!"
ha ha! Look at his face!

Not every FAiL was action based. I tried to get a handsome portrait of Tweed and instead I just got


tried again, and got MORE FAiL!
Although to be honest, I really like that last one. And it gave me an idea, so I took this photo which is not a FAiL (though it *is* of a "Labradoodle" and in my not-so-humble opinion, ridiculously overpriced crossbreed dogs with silly name tags and the people who purchase them are their own special kind of FAiL).

This Is A "LabraNose"

Which lead to a sweet shot of Piper:

And by the time we got back to Tweed, our luck had returned. This camera actually really likes Tweed a lot.

In other news, I tried to get a portrait photo of Donut, but all I got was


Stupid cat.

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mmmm, Meat

(In advance, I apologize for the rather poor quality of the photos. Me and my Sigma 17-70mm are having relationship 'issues')

Yup. Meat.

( .... now)

No Touching Allowed.

"Meat? What Meat?"

"Oh ... this? This meat? Didn't really notice."

"In fact, if you hadn't pointed it out I wouldn't even have-"

*picks up meat. Runs away*



"Meat? What meat?"

"I didn't notice any meat but YOU BETTER NOT F*CKING COME NEAR IT ANYWAY!"

(Meat Mad Teeth (tm))

*Food Lady lets Piper have the meat, as is afraid for her life if she doesn't*


"Oh my god ... MEAT! MEATMEATMEAT! Meeeeaaaaat. omg."

(the sounds a camera can't capture ... "mmmmnnnnnnnoooohhhmmmmmm-uhuhuh..mmmmnnnnn")

"*sigh* I wish I could just - hey! Is that a GIANT MONSTER behind you?"


"Dude, thanks, that was dee-lish!"



Dinner time is rarely boring at The Food Lady's.

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