Thursday, November 22, 2007

26 Days Later

Attack Of The Zombie Puppies
Poor Piper. Piper has no love for puppies. She is terrified of them - as the only other female dog in the household, can you blame her? Mona, young single mother, has scared Piper straight. She will remain a blessed virgin until she dies. Frankly, I might too.

The pups are almost 4 weeks old (wow!) They now play for 15 minutes and sleep for 3 hours; repeat ad nauseum . Mona is always begging to get out of the pen for some time away from her brood. She doesn't do anything except go somewhere far far away and lie down.

But she's a good mama, and she can't stay away for long.

It's too cute for mere words.

Have I mentioned the puppies have teeth? Ouch. No body part is safe, and I leave that to your imagination, but will say some bite marks are difficult to explain.

What does concern me, a bit, is the inappropriate Tweed-and-puppy relationship. Not because Tweed has done anything inappropriate to them (reformed??) but rather because he seems to have taught them something inappropriate. It is normal for not-quite-four-week-old puppies to hump ... me? My feet? My arms? How about computer chair legs? Normal? Blech. I did not record that for posterity, as I can't photograph that and jump up squealing "EEEEWWWW! GROSS!!!" at the same time.

Cookie Uncle had a puppy party at my house while I was off getting frostbite at agility class last night, and he and his friends tell me the original humping puppy was Picasso.

Picasso is NO LONGER MY FAVOURITE!!! Sorry Picasso.

They are even starting to look lascivious.
I like romping rolly polly fuzzy wuzzies, but I like 'em sleeping too. Mostly cuz they are easier to photograph that way.

Marsha nestled against mum

Mike takes a snooze

Mike and some of his difficult-to-tell-apart siblings

But you have to admit they are VERY cute awake as well, especially since it's so brief.

Another of Mike and his sibling checking out the world outside the pen

Oliver and his brother

You could die, right? Look at the tri colour!

So thanks again for all your generous donations. I still can't believe how kind you all are. I just don't understand why no one offered to take all the puppies ... they come with cash!!

In 4 more weeks, we will be looking for foster homes for the pups to go to while they recover from their neuters and dewclaw removals, until they go on to their real forever homes. If you're interested in fostering one of Mona's famous puppies, please visit our fostering page for more information!


Dana said...

She will remain a blessed virgin until she dies. Frankly, I might too.

Would this be the wrong place to make a comment about horses and barn doors? ;)

Have you contacted Red Dog/Blue Cat about raw food? They're great about donating to rescue and have sponsored dogs before. The whole litter might be too much but some is better than none.

If you're buying raw from Club Canine or another company let me know if you're not getting it at cost and I may be able to help out.

3dogslater said...

Forgot to say, that third photo is beyond adorable...I'd adopt that pup because the pic is so sweet!

The Border Collies said...

Would this be the wrong place to make a comment about horses and barn doors? ;)

You shush!! Didn't you go to highschool? Didn't you learn about creative license?? Hush now.

At the moment the pups are weaning straight onto bulk ground chicken and turkey, but in another week I would like to introduce variety. I will totally use your connections to get it at wholesale, that would be marvellous! Do you have contacts at Fresh Start?

Anonymous said...

... just curious, some recent studies have indicated that pups left with mum for 12 weeks (i'm sure you didn't want to hear that!) learn considerably more social skills and life skills than pups separated at 6. not sure for 8weeks, but in the interest of adopting out balanced, socially savvy puppies, hanging on to them for another 4 weeks might just be a significantly worthwhile investment.

i became aware of that study via a karen overall seminar i watched on dvd. i could find the reference for you if you're interested: the garlic at wildmail dot com

some food for thought.

i think you're doing an incredible job!!!


The Border Collies said...

Actually there are many theories on what age is "best" to rehome puppies. Certainly between 8-12 weeks is an optimum time for introducing puppies to things like the outdoors, stuff that is not an option for me while they live here because I do not have that kind of time and living in apartment with 4 dogs of my own to exercise and train, walking puppies is literally impossible unless you feel like funding my leave of absence from work!! They would be much better off in homes of their own, or in foster care in singles or pairs, where that sort of thing can then take place. Hanging onto them for another 4 weeks of isolation in my apartment would be a detriment, not a bonus. It would also drive me mad.

Quite frankly, we have placed many many litters of puppies over the years from 8 weeks onward and they have all grown up to be well socialized animals. I have never once suggested separating them at 6 weeks. Not sure where you get this idea from?

Anonymous said...

just to clarify - i was not meaning to suggest tdbcr separates puppies at 6 weeks. by no means!

simply the *study* cited compared litters of puppies that were separated from their mum and litter at 6 weeks versus 12. as i said i have no information on 8 weeks so could not comment on that.

i certainly agree that 8 weeks is acceptable, and there is a balance point between what you are able to do, getting the pups exposed to new environments, etc ...

i certainly did not mean to imply that you should or even could keep them for longer. again, i give you credit for taking this troupe, and the associated responsibility of them.

i am well aware of how the work of rescue is a sometimes difficult and thankless job. again, might i commend you on your dedication!

i was merely intending to point you toward current research if you were not already aware.


3dogslater said...

Do you have contacts at Fresh Start?

I do...send me an email as soon as you know what you're looking for and I'll talk to them. Not sure if they can do a donation but wholesale shouldn't be a problem!

Anonymous said...

As usual awesome pics and comments. Just makes you wanna run out and adopt the cuteness, but one must remember, like people kids, they grow up ugly for a few years (teenagers).

Thanks for continued update of pups progress, it's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

all that humping? completely normal.
Sadly the table leg is stuck! you get to move away
- into the waiting arms of the next wannabehumper

Ktbug Ladydid said...

I know this is a late post, but in the hopes that you read it...I found it very odd that you wait so long to remove the dewclaws of the pups. All the vets I know require it to be done before the pups are 5 days old. Leaves less of a mark, and the pups are less likely to remember the pain and associate it with the vet. They also heal quicker when they're tiny. Maybe our policies are just different.

The Border Collies said...

I know this is a late post, but in the hopes that you read it...I found it very odd that you wait so long to remove the dewclaws of the pups.

Are you kidding? These pups are now two years old, but you really needed to comment on declaws two years after the fact?

Am I going to reconsider my actions, get back in my time machine and change everything? Probably not.

Did we make the surgical decisions we chose without consulting our veterinarian? ABSOLUTELY not.