Monday, November 19, 2007

Puppy Speak

"I wish I were big."

"There's a dog in here that looks *exactly* like me! Except it's wet."

"OMG! Look at the size of those BOOBS!!"

"Mmmm. Yummy Mummy."
(okay, I went too far. I apologize)

The puppies are now 23 days old and they are speaking ... loudly and often. And inappropriately, like at 3AM. I predict many sleepless nights ahead.

So I'm an (cover your kids' eyes and ears please) asshole. Yesterday was my birthday, yes, but it was also the birthday of Piper and Mr. Woo. Since they were both rescues without exact birthdates, and since they were both born approximately in November, I shared my birthday with them so I wouldn't forget the date. That worked well, no?

Poor Woo searches for the esteem in which I once held him, pre-puppy.

Piper searches for ... the ball.

Mona searches for a napkin (she drools on herself)

She's in great shape, or would be if she were not nursing puppies! She is still eating three times what my dogs eat, and also finishing two or three puppy meals a day as well, and she is skinny as a rail.

We'd like to send a shout out to Carmi who donated a generous amount of money toward Mona and the Brady Bunch's care via paypal!

If you're interested in helping us feed Mona and the puppies, who are now consuming approximately $9.oo of food per day please feel free to make a donation! We raise our rescue puppies on a raw food diet to ensure maximum nutrition and naturally healthy immune systems. It costs $2.00-$3.00 a day to feed the average border collie. As the pups continue to thrive, their food intake will increase to approximately $15.00 per day for the litter! We appreciate your help!

It's hard to believe how fast these babes are growing. Compared to Mona, they still look very very small
but they have tripled their birth weight. It is difficult to hold a puppy in one hand, whereas when they arrived you could fit two or three in your hand easily. Cookie Uncle would not want one to tinkle on him now!!

Every day they become a little more mobile. They still sleep more than they do anything else, and they frequently fall asleep in the middle of whatever it was they were doing. But while they are awake they are very active. Wrestling has begun:

They are agile enough to do things like scratch themselves.

And they are really starting to notice their surroundings.

I confess I have a favourite. It has changed day to day as they grew, but for the past few days it has been Picasso, formerly known as Peter. I don't know why, but his funny little face just speaks to me.

Other interesting things about the puppies:

Marsha and Jan are both tri-colours. Jan's tri is a very pale peach, while Marsha's is more pronounced. The rest appear to be merle or white and merle, except, you know, for Oliver. Bobby is a half size bigger than all of his siblings and has enough extra skin to make an eighth puppy!

The sad news is that it looks like there are or will be vision and/or hearing problems with Marsha and Mike. Marsha's second eye is smaller than the first one that opened, a condition called microphthalmia. This is common in homozygous breedings which means whoever planned or allowed this litter is a VERY BAD PERSON. Mike and Marsha are both deeper sleepers than their siblings which might suggest they do not hear as well, or at all. I do hope there will be adopters out there who are willing to take on the special needs puppies.

Red Dog thinks it's just great. If they can't hear him coming, they won't run. And then he can kill them, and eat them.

Tweed also thinks it's great, because if they can't hear him coming they won't run, and then he can ... molest them. It's SICK!!!

Happy belated Birthday Woo and Piper!


The Border Collies said...

Wow!! You readers are great. Thank you so much for your donations - I didn't expect such an overwhelming response! If you'd like us to mention your name, initials, or nickname on the blog or the website as a "thank you" please drop me a note and let me know at or post a comment here!

BcBerri said...

What on earth are you feeding Mr. Woo?? He looks so chubby! Please don't tell him I said that, it might hurt his feelings! He still looks handsome in all his chubby glory.


The Border Collies said...

What on earth are you feeding Mr. Woo?? He looks so chubby!

I know, right? He's not chubby, he's downright FAT! I have actually reduced his food consumption. Mr. Woo is fat because he refuses to exercise as long as there are squirrels around to stare it.

Admittedly, part of it IS coat. Mr, Woo grows a politically incorrect mink stole every winter. He has a lot of hair. But he also has a lot of fat.

Erin said...

Thank you for sharing your puppy fostering experience with us through your wonderful blog. My family and I are really enjoying watching the wee ones grow! We made a donation in memory of Kanga, our beloved aussie and ???? cross: best rescue dog who ever lived and who looked so very much like Mona. RIP, sweet Kanga. Good girl.