Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Your Favourite TV Personality, Mr. Woo

Mr. Woo, A Star Among Dogs
Today Mr. Woo experienced his first television shoot, in a commercial for Kohls Department Store. My sister, who is a costume designer, offered him to the producer who mentioned they were in need of a dog. They loved him long before they met him and when we walked on the set, they were all chanting "Mr. Woo, Mr. Woo, Mr. Woo" much to his tail wagging delight.

This dog got seriously pampered on the set, cuddled by everyone, fed by everyone else and he even got dried and groomed and fluffed (oh my god! I just realized Woo had his own "fluffer." Porno Woo!) before his big moment. He performed like a pro and the producer even suggested I try and get him involved with more tv/movie work because - as we all know by now - Mr. Woo is very photogenic. And loved by all.

I think it's great. It made me money! That's right, I said ME. Mr. Woo got paid in cookies.

The other dogs, who are not fans of Woo like the rest of the world, were mighty disgruntled as they spent the whole time in the van, so we spent some time at the dog park playing ball to make up for it. First, however, we must dissect the Woo.

You weren't posing for Playgirl Mr. Woo

For those of you who want some tail, I give you the best kind there is -
(It goes by the nickname "Flamboyance")

Look at the size of this thing!! Woo is very well endowed with tail.

But enough about his tail, let's move onto other body parts. As lovely as Woo is, graceful he is not. When trying to catch the ball, his body contorts in interesting ways.
But most interesting are his ears. A close up for you, so you can agree that they know not what they do:

Moving on to Piper.

There will be Mad Teeth (tm) but first, I ask you, what is going on here? I can't explain it. Can you? Mr. Woo appears to have lost touch with gravity. Piper appears to be telling me exactly what I am welcome to do with my camera, and offering to show me in detail at great speed.

The Mad Teeth (tm) did not take long to make an appearance. Some people ... err, dogs, have no respect for celebrities:

I have to admit I was really impressed with this set of Mad Teeth (tm). Look closely at the ball and what she is doing to it. Now that's some serious jaw pressure. It's moments like this where I am grateful that she is not doing it to Wootie's head.

I think this is what might be referred to as a DOGPILE

This Red Dog's version of 'running' - it's charming in its own way. He is doing so much better now that he is back on the steroids. For starters, he can actually walk now and I don't have to carry him everywhere.

However, he still can't really run like he used to in yesteryears, and this is what he thinks of Piper whipping past him to steal the ball when I aim it right for him:

And lastly, just a nicely framed shot of Piper having a delightful rest in a not-so-delightful mud puddle

And and one more thing. The other day I posted a photo of Tempus that Fiona whined was "mean and biased" and would make the world think Tempus was The Devil (and her point is ...???). So lest you think that Temmy is always like this:

I offer you this photo so you know that he has moments of not-evil. This is him waiting for his run at Regionals with Fiona:


dp said...

That's a really nice picture of Fiona. Temmy was downright friendly with me at flyball a couple of weekends ago -- jumping all over me and wagging his tail. I was afeared.

Anonymous said...

"he even got dried and groomed and fluffed (oh my god! I just realized Woo had his own "fluffer." Porno Woo!) before his big moment"

LMAO!!! Oh Woo.

I am SO glad Red Dog is doing better.

Anonymous said...

He's not the Devil!! A demi-demon maybe, and perhaps a touch ambitious.....

The Border Collies said...

A "touch"? Tempus is the devil's minion and you know it!

The Border Collies said...

dp said: "...I was afeared."

And rightly so!! I still bear the scars. No really, physical scars! You can't see the mental ones ...

Fiona said...

the border collies said: "Tempus is the devil's minion and you know it!"

Ok, after his farewell heart attack attempt on our houseguest, I can hardly deny it.....

But he's cuuuteee.......

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Riverdawg. and i think you have the neatest doggies ' they ae all great and they sure look their best, if i had to i could not choose as its hard when you have 3 clear and loving dogs . Wtg on the commercial !! and much happiness for you and your babes. Riverdawg