Friday, June 22, 2007

Tell Us About The Magic, Food Lady

"Its the call of sea and shore;
its the tang of bog and peat,
And the scent of briar and Myrtle that puts magic in our feet."

For starters, Woo can levitate.
But you knew that, because he does it all the time.

Generally, Woo practices non-traditional magic. Some might say they don't really understand the Woo Magic and have gone so far as denounce his magicalness claiming he is just a dog, albeit an odd one. But other people know that he is all about the magic. In fact, some people have suggested that Woo IS magic itself. It must be the orange.

But sometimes he's just a classic magician, with the usual tricks up his sleeve.


"I want to hypnotize you baby
On the telephone
So many times I called your house
Just to hear the tone
And though I knew you were't home
I didn't mind so much 'cause I'm so alone
I want to hypnotize you baby
On the telephone"

He can hypnotize people ... er, dogs, with only his hands ... er, paws.

Allow him to demonstrate his amazing technique

And Woo is a multi-faceted hypnotist. Although skilled with employing merely the power of the Woo, he can also use hypnotic aids, like whirling discs.

His lovely assistant brings him the hypno-disc:

And he uses his fabulous hypnotism skills to make his audience do ridiculous things:

"You now believe you are swimming. A shark is after you! Swim man, swim!!"

"This here wand has a magic stick"

No doubt you've seen reference in this blog to the infamous Wootie Stick. The Wootie Stick has been referenced as a weapon, and also mentioned in passing as a game. But the Wootie Stick is no game - it's very serious. The Wootie Stick is his magic wand.

I realize the Wootie Stick looks small and insignificant, but that's because Woo is a Master of Illusion! The Wootie Stick is actually substantial, so large that his stagehands have difficulty carrying it.

And with a single wave of his magic wand, he can make things vanish ... Like Piper's HEAD!!

This sort of thing really concerns onlookers

It even outright terrifies some of them

There's not much Woo can't do in the way of magic. In one of this more advanced illusionist tricks, he takes Piper's "Mad Teeth" (tm) right off her head:

And POOF he gives them to a random Aussie:

For his dramatic show ender, Woo busts out his best trick of the day. There is no other dog in the world who can do this trick. Woo can make an ordinary hockey ball hover in mid air with his breath.


Always the performer, he parts his stage with a little shake of WooBootie for his fans

But it takes a lot out of him. He's often exhausted after a show.

"thugs like magic, Wiz, woo"

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