Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sneaking Into Sunshine

Where is summer? I can't find. Every day we wait until we see a hint of sun and then we rush to the beach to try and catch it while it lasts. It was gloomy all day today but the sun graced us with its presence for about an hour, so we headed out to Spanish Banks.

I feel lucky to live in a place where this is 10 minutes away.

Today I thought I would pose the dogs on something interesting for a change of pace. But as I soon as I said "pose" Woo went into movie star mode.

"Pose you say? I am Mr. Woo, the world's best soccer player"
(weird, huh?)

I like weird trees/logs. This one is gnarly (but not in an 80's slang way.)

Red Dog couldn't get up there, so he posed on the beach.

Shaking Red Dog

Not to be outdone ...

Mr. Woo VS the Mop

"Oh geez!"

"OH GEEZ!!!"

I just like this photo
"Germany 2006" has been a real let down. Apparently, $13.00 soccer balls are not very durable. As I type this, "G06" is almost totally flat in the back of my van. There are many tooth holes in "G06". Looks like we'll be hunting down a more expensive/durable companion for Woo in the very near future. We didn't realize how lucky we had it with "Fifa." :( We miss you "Fifa!"

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Anonymous said...


could be your next fifa? collector's item... whatever.

Also - this time of year you may be able to buy a used fifa off of a coach on the soccer field or footie pitch as you may call it.