Sunday, June 10, 2007

Old Stomping Grounds

Having sampled many of Vancouver's Dog Beaches this past week, we've come home to roost where we know best - Kits Dog Beach. It maybe get a bit too crowded sometimes, and no one can explain to me why people feel the need to fly kites in the dog area more or less constantly, but all in all it's been the most satisfactory beach to date.

Ah, so pastoral, no?

I'm taking a little break from snapping shots of my own dogs - not totally of course, but today I concentrated on taking photos of other people's dogs because I'm growing bored with getting the same shots over and over again .... mad teeth (tm), Tweird looking freaky, Red Dog being extraordinarily handsome etc. So there are some, but fewer, photos of my dogs today and more photos of dogs you don't know.

You remember Lars (one 'a') of course

Tweed asks "Whatcha doing up there, doppelganger o'mine?"

Lars replies "Just a little Irish jig, don't mind me"
(Lars is now a member of the "dogs who have bitten me in the leg" club. The club also includes Tempus, Red Dog and Piper. I don't like this club, and wish I was not a member! I'm going to stand more still more often, from now on)

So anyway, Woo's enthusiasm for "Fifa" returned this afternoon, much to everyone's delight. It helps to have a sidekicker (that's a side kick, that kicks "Fifa" for me) when trying to get shots of the Woo/"Fifa" relationship
Can someone explain to me why Woo can't learn simple commands like "stay" or "come here" but he understands the sentence "'Fifa' is floating away with the tide, Woo, you'd better go get it" perfectly, and complies???

Piper will play with "Fifa" but not for long - she prefers the hockey ball and is easily frustrated with "Fifa" as there is no dancing and spinning involved.

"Oh so you think you're a tough guy, do ya?"

I've heard it rumoured that some border collies enjoy wrestling with other dogs. I've yet to see it, except within my own pack. Allow Woo to demonstrate the common reaction when another dog issues an invitation to play:

"Pardon me, you seem to be blocking my path. I'll just step politely aside."

Other dogs at the beach, though, love to wrestle. Like these guys:

These fellows were even funnier though
The Viszla appears to be morphing or something.

Ummm ... what the hell is this?

Oh it's just Tallulah Blockhead, The Bulldog, Destroyer of Chuck-Its

No matter where they go, there too goes Tallulah.

I took way too many photos of Tallulah, but I couldn't help myself. For starters, she stands still a lot more than border collies do. Also, she is both comical and beautiful at the same time. Perfect subject. I wish I could photograph 'snorting'.

I can has Chucki-It now pleeze?

I was a shaking-bulldog virgin until today.
She'd also make a fine addition to the Woo Soccer Team

So would this boston terrier.
Lars says "I had a soccer ball, but he taked it"

I wish I had framed this shot better, because I like it a lot. Tweed didn't like it because big waves, like soccer balls, are scary:

The ocean is only safe when its placid.

Adrian (still on the auction block; keep those bids coming ladies! I want to buy a macro lens!) comforts Tweed while I play soccer with the other dogs, and while Woo wonders why Tweed is such a pansy. Tweed's blosssoming relationship with "Fifa" was, apparently, a one night stand.

And in case you Vancouverites were curious about where your tax dollars go, let me demonstrate with a photo example. This is a lady-cop tooling around the beach on her ATV looking for people with booze. Because so many people like getting drunk while 60 dogs race around them. This smart-as-a-whip lady-cop got stuck, and required civilian assistance to get her going again. While I hollered "Back up! She needs back up!" because I'm amusing like that.


Anonymous said...

I love your photos - great blog! You have to tell me where the dog beach in Kits is, Tyler and Toby and I are looking for a new dog park this summer.

dp said...

Ooooh! Were there Lululemmings?

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. That bulldog is HILARIOUS!! The photo of her being dragged out to sea has me rolling.