Thursday, June 21, 2007

Emotable Woo

Remember this picture?

Well, someone on the Border Collie Boards emoted it (if that's really a verb). Woo has become an Emoticon of his very own

Don't you love it? Feel free to use it as you see fit! Please don't link to it here though ... save it to your computer and upload it to something like Flickr or tinypic or photobucket. And tell your friends!

Everyone needs a little Woo!!!

ETA: Seems the emoticon thing has really taken off, and Kat's Dogs has made adorable little woof idols of all my hell hounds:

Red Dog
Evil Tweed
Mad Teeth (tm) Piper
And another Mr. Woo

There is a new blog post on its way, and in it will be a demonstration of the many ways in which Mr. Woo is magical. But I had software issues last night (namely, crack software sometimes screws with you) so didn't have time to upload it yet. Check back soon!

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