Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Clash Of The (wee) Titans

The Clash Of The (wee) Titans

A Meeting Of The Minds?

For a change of pace, we went to a new and different dog beach. Yes, the scenery will be slightly different in these photos! I know, it's very exciting!!

It's under the Burrard Street Bridge, so it's actually a lot closer to my home, but when the tide is in the beach literally disappears, so we don't go there too often.

Woo has become quite the saucy little fellow since his big TV debut; the Paris Hilton of dogs. He was running around the beach barkscreaming at his beloved "Fifa" and then he disappeared behind the bridge pilings. I called and called and he completely ignored me, so I trudged down the beach to find him.

When he reappeared, right before I reached in to strangle him, he stuck his tongue out at me. Seriously.

And he has also taken to posing at every given opportunity. It would be funny, if it wasn't so sickening. I mean come on, it was one commercial, not, like, a made for tv movie or something. Look at this! I could not have framed this better if I had done it on purpose. What a little ham!

Grrrr, I'm a tiger. Rowr.

So anyway, back to barkscreaming. Today was a good "Fifa day apparently, as we got a lot of action. Naturally, it was my duty to prompt that action by responding to His Highness' very loud and obnoxious commands to KICK THE BALL WOMAN!

If my mother were captioning this photo, she would declare that Woo's "eyes were bigger than his mouth." Since I am on the receiving end of the barkscreaming, I would argue that Woo has, in fact, an extremely big mouth.
Besides, he can fit the damn thing in his mouth anyway. See?

This beach is right by the mini-ferry dock, so those passengers that were not clutching their seats in terror at the dying seal noises coming from the dog beach (aka barkscreaming) were pleased to see some of Woo's fancy footwork with "Fifa."
This is very bad for his ego. It's bad enough that he has a virtual fan club; today he got a standing ovation. Especially when he struck out to sea after "Fifa." I mean, how many dogs can walk on water?

This is one of those shots that I wish desperately I could get from the front. I can only imagine what his face must look like when he's doing this.

But Woo is a fickle creature, and once he had wrestled "Fifa" back to shore I noticed this expression on his face:

...he had caught wind of a more exciting playmate than "Fifa." Look how he just abandons "Fifa" altogether. It's a very sad picture, if you think about it.

It's especially sad if you're Piper, because you are now about to be horribly abused.

A close-up of just how diabolical he is

Fortunately, Piper is used to this ritualized abuse and manages to shake it off gracefully. Or not so gracefully. Whatever. I just like shaking dog pictures.

She just rolls with it (okay okay, I'm sorry, enough bad puns)

This is a deliberately unflattering photo of Tweed. Yes, I'm still mad at him about Regionals

And this is a flattering photo of Red Dog because after all, there is no other kind

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Jody said...

Woo still manages to prance even while going in the water. It's amazing!