Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Resurrection

"Oh hallo, who's this?"

Woo, meet "Germany 2006"

Woo has no complaints

"Mmmmm, tastes like chicken"

Woo is not one to let a little thing like mourning get in the way of a good time. Today I made a quick trip to the local sporting goods store and purchased my Wootie a brand new soccer ball. Sadly, they had no "Fifas" but they did have a lot of "Wilsons." I'm not a Tom Hanks fan AND I thought that movie about him and the soccer ball sucked, so I refused to buy a "Wilson." We settled for "Germany 2006" because it was on sale.

Woo actually took it out of the bag when I we got home, but was quickly frustrated because it was also in a box (why do soccer balls come in boxes??). There was some suggestion that barkscreaming was about to commence, in my apartment, so I hustled everyone into the car and we hied ourselves to the beach for a proper introduction.

Woo was delighted with his new friend. Barkscreaming increased in both pitch and fervor.


What's not to like? It has been pointed out that "Germany 2006" has a difficult-to-pronounce-five-times-fast name and is also somewhat garish. I argue that was it was $12.99, and worth every penny. Especially since it clearly makes Woo so happy. A super cheap and super ugly soccer ball has filled the aching void in Wootie's heart. Color me impressed!


There was quite a bit of this:

And an awful lot of this:

Where'd his feet go?

His brothers and sister were even amiable to the suggestion of playing with "Germany 2006." This makes me confident that I did the right thing. But while it's admirable that these lovely creatures can put grief behind them so quickly, it's also a little worrisome, like if I smacked my head on a cupboard and died in my kitchen, would they even hesitate before eating me?

Red Dog approves

Piper even flashed some "Germany 2006" Mad Teeth (tm)

Tweed, who is scared of soccer balls being kicked, but wanted desperately to play with "Germany 2006," stole my shoe while he played with the new addition. I believe he felt that without a shoe, there would be no kicking.

Woo thanks you all for your condolences on the loss of his friend, and the food lady apologizes for the many almost-heart attacks she caused in her friends by revealing there was bad news :)


Now, without any appropriate segue whatsoever, I'm going to ask you to look closely at this photo.

At first, it made me laugh. But the longer I looked at it, the less I laughed and the more it began to creep me out a little. Then a lot.

Does Piper's face look sort of demonic to you? I don't mean in the usual evil Piper /
Mad Teeth (tm) way, but in like a human-turned-devil kind of way? I almost didn't post it, it creeps me out that much.

I think I prefer her looking like this

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Anonymous said...

wow. woo can really jump! have you tried entering him in a dock dogs contest? im sure he'd do well!