Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Freaking Out The Food Lady

We had a wee scare yesterday / today.

As I oh-so-slowly recover from puppies / the flu, it occurs to me that my powers of perception have dimmed somewhat over the last few weeks. Yes, I am a superhero, and puppies are my Kryptonite.

A few days ago I recall noting through a Nyquil haze that Red Dog looked a little droopy, and I mentally filed it away as "old dog syndrome." Between trying to synchronize my cat naps with puppy downtime and chugging cold medication, I was not operating at full capacity, clearly. Because normally nothing abnormal about my best dog escapes notice.

But last night as I was taking photos of SuperDogModels in bad retro clothing, I sat down and really examined my droopy dog. It became glaringly apparent that his slight droop was actually a serious drag ... the right side of his face was failing to respond to stimulus - in other words, it was paralyzed.

I teased his ears with "sheep sheep" and only his left ear was aroused. I menaced his right eye and it declined to respond. And there was a definite puddle of drool collecting in the dish shape of his right bottom lip.

I can't photograph my own panic, but I think you can imagine what it looked like. I spent the entire night staring at him. It was creepy, because he was unable to close his right eye, so even though he was asleep, he was still staring back at me. I don't recommend passing a night this way if you can help it.

So long story short, today I returned to the vet clinic yet again, this time to pay for Dr. Shaw's Jag. A couple of weeks ago it was his mortgage. If I keep this up, soon he'll be the King of All Food Lady's Money.

The good news is that RD is already spontaneously recovering. Dr. Shaw, who keeps fixing RD and therefore is a sort of deity in our house, suspects that something blunt (Tweed's big thick head maybe?) connected with Red Dog's face and caused damage to the nerve-with-a-big-long-name that controls his eye, ear and lip. As of this morning, he could already sort of/almost blink his eye and when I said the magic sheep words, his right ear got a semi.

The bad news is that he still can't really close that eye, and therefore it's susceptible to damage from debris and such. So Dr. Shaw prescribed Doggles (tm).

Ever seen these things?

Oh. My. God.

You know, it's one thing to dress up my dogs in the privacy of my own home; it's something else entirely to stroll casually out of my house with my goggles-clad-dog-slash-1920's-style-aviator-companion. I need a shirt that screams "THEY'RE PRESCRIPTION!!"

Even worse ... Red Dog LIKES them. When we tried them on in the store I was pretty certain that with a swipe of a mighty arthritic paw he would tear them from his face and stalk out to piss on my truck. But he wasn't even phased and happily wore them home. And they're still on his face as I type.

I've always had a thing for boys in glasses, but this is ridiculous.

Eventually, dog willing, Red Dog should recover completely if his improvement thus far is any indication. My self esteem / self respect may not be so lucky.

In puppy news, a photo I received today suggests that I made a very wise choice in relocating the little squealipots. Whereas at my house they had the choice of being eaten, or being violated, at their new foster home Puppy Uncle Finn seems to actually like the little critters:

The pups must be getting enormous because Finn is not a small dog and yet Marsha appears to be not much smaller. Wow.

Lastly, let me recommend a most fascinating blog:

The Daily Coyote


Anonymous said...


Was soooooooooooo freaking out today worrying about you two.

So elated that it is nothing serious and he is already on the mend.

BTW, he looks very ZoolanderDog handsome in his doggles.

K :)

Schnitzie said...

OH THANK doG it's not as serious as so many of us feared!!!

(((((((((((RED DOG))))))))))))))

What a relief! I feel like I can breathe again. So happy for you and for RD.

He looks FABULOUS in his new Doggles, and I'm so glad he loves them. He's right out of The Great Gatsby, only hotter and for real.


Anonymous said...

Yay for you and RedDog!!!! I'm very very glad. However, I am not pleased with the link to the Daily Coyote. Now I want a coyote...daddy...get me a coyote now! (sorry...Veruca Salt got in there somehow!) Very amazing story...will be cool to follow. The fav is now right next to the woofs and the woo link!

I predict that Marsha will stay with Uncle Finn and family. We've heard about 2 naps with one daughter and now snuggling with Finn...hmmmmmm. ;-)

Laura said...

2 words for the Doggles...


dp said...

The Drs. Shaw and Eisen are deities around here as well. I am so glad that his prognosis is better than first anticipated. I am also glad to have seen a picture of RD in doggles. Let's hope for a speedy recovery to minimize public embarrassment by dog props.

riosmom said...

You shouldn't scare Red Dog fans that way. I am so glad it isn't serious and is getting better. And, of course, RD looks as gorgeous in his glasses as he does in everything.

The picture of Finn and Marsha is precious - she does seem to have doubled in size in just a week.

Glad you are feeling better, too.

mammalsandbirds said...

I read the beginning of your blog with dread in my heart. No, you can't photograph the emotions you went through as you watched Red Dog throughout the night, but man, your writing almost equals your skill with the camera. So glad Red Dog is already recovering! Hugs to him and to you! As for the doggles - they're so cool and Red Dog knows it.

ACB said...

Way to give this RD fan a coronary too early in the day!! Eeeesh! I'm glad that it was just Tweird's head and not RD's ticker that caused the droopage. You must be totally hitting the Nyquil to have missed it and I'm sure the meds didn't help your panick any. He looks VERY rico suave (remember that song??) in his Goggles, tee hee.

Rossie said...

glad to hear Red Dog is on the road to recovery. He's too sexy for those doggles, too sexy for those doggles, so sexy it hurts!

gracehoper said...

I had something similar happen with my dog - she couldn't move the whole right (or was it left) side of her body and it was terrifying but a couple days of meds and she was as good as new (or as good as her both sided 13 year old self). Sending good vibes for a full recovery - but keep the doggles - very cool!

Janet said...

Well, I had a similar thing happen with my father! It was Bell's Palsy, it looked just like a stroke but affecting the face only, and it resolved on its own within a couple of weeks. However, he was able to use eyedrops, so he didn't get a nifty pair of Doggles. I'm glad Red Dog seems to like them -- they make him look very stylish!

Anonymous said...

RD is just a smart old boy who recognizes his stylish eyewear will help him heal up faster. Glad to hear he's recovering - and that you are too!

How's Mona doing? I'm sure her pups will find homes quickly but I hope there is a potential home out there for her too - I've fretted about her since you first took her in.

Anonymous said...

SO glad to hear that RD is on the mend - he really is quite a dashing sort and the goggles just reaffirm his "uniqueness"
How old is he?

Anonymous said...

OMG what a scare. I'd have freaked out bad. I'm so glad it seems to be sorting itself out... and the doggles look cool. Big hugs to RD.

And holy $%$! that pup looks HUGE! When did they grow that much??

Anonymous said...

Oh noooo Red Dog!! :(

We're sending our hugs, cuddles and licks and hope he gets well VERY VERY VERY soon - even though he looks absolutely dashing in those doggles!

Actually, we think you should be BURSTING with PRIDE taking him out like that. Hahaha!

Uh, Seriously.

Red dog's just toooo handsome not to look good in ANYTHING. Even in a paperbag. Or in Retro.

Anonymous said...

Thank dog Red Dog is ok - I was really worried there!

He looks ultra cool in his doggles and I think he knows it too!


The Border Collies said...

Thank you everyone, for you well wishes, kind emails and good thoughts. RD's improvement is in stasis - he has shown no more resolve of the problem, but has also grown no worse. I understand it could take a few weeks so I am trying to be patient. He has eye lube to prevent his cornea from drying out, and of course the Doggles (tm) and maybe soon I will get him a scarf!

Mona has had about 10 applications, so I have no doubt that she will find a home of her own. I am off to see her and the puppies again this weekend and will hopefully get new photos for you all.

Anonymous said...

Poor Red Dog! I hope he feels better now. Those health scares with older dogs really suck, don't they.

shirleythompson95 said...

Sorry to hear RD's not improving - he'll remain in my prayers.

Thanks for the update on Mona - I always worry about the outcome for the momma dogs!

Anonymous said...

There is more than a passing resemblance to P. Diddy.

I'm just saying.

Info Goddess said...

Poor Red Dog - but he does look dashing and immediately reminded me of the cover of the fantastic book by Farley Mowat: The Dog Who Wouldn't Be. Check out this illustration!http://www.bookitinc.com/pictures175/962219.jpg

Barbara said...

As handsome as RD is in the Doggles (tm), tell him he shouldn't freak out the food lady. That's a quick way to go on a *gasp* diet.

Keeping my fingers cross that he will be better soon....

riosmom said...

How is Red Dog? Getting worried because you haven't posted any new updates. Sending warm and healing thoughts.

Hope you are better, too.

Stanley said...

So sorry to hear about Red Dog's face/eye injury. I do hope it heals up all on its own. (How scary that must have been for you).

Give the RD some healing goober smooches from me.

Goob love,

BorderWars said...

Doggles are great. I have a BC car-surfer who can't keep his head inside the car, even on the highway, and since Colorado sands and salts the road, I don't want him getting that crap in his eyes. He enjoys them too since he doesn't have to blink so much from his eyes drying out.

Now, if he could only figure out how to keep the wind out of his nose... every once in a while he leans back into the car and sneezes all over me.