Monday, December 03, 2007

The Search For Canada's Next Dog Supermodel

The Contestants

Mr. Woo
Age: 2 years
Hometown: Quesnel BC

Name: Piper
Age: 5 years
Hometown: Vancouver BC

Name: Tweed
Age: 7.5 years
Hometown: George, Washington

Name: Red Dog
Age: almost 11 years
Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

The fabulous prizes:


Today's Theme Challenge ....


Mr. Woo's eyes are stunning, but he appears swallowed in the super garish coat. And it is not draped in such a way as to showcase The Flamboyance (tm). The coat appears to be wearing him. Not a very good performance, Mr. Woo. You may be going home this evening.

Red Dog's disdain for the sheer act of wearing the super garish coat is plain on his face. He has not even bothered to fasten it shut, thus losing points for sloppiness. I'm afraid this model is over the hill.

Excellent shot, Tweed! I like this photo! Tweed has taken the time to actually put the garment on correctly. Well done!

I do believe we have a winner here with Piper. The creative way she has draped the collar around her head, framing her face, is just divine.
Let's see a full body shot.
Gorgeous. Couture at its finest!


I'm sorry. I dress up my dogs for photo ops on rainy evenings. I'm not well.

I promise it will happen again. And again. And again.

The dogs, of course, are thrilled.

I think I have a problem.


Anonymous said...

The dogs are probably thinking that maybe having all those puppies there wasn't so bad because The Food Lady was too busy to dress them up :-)

Anonymous said...

I too see 4 dogs who miss some puppies...well maybe not Tweed...well he misses them for other reasons.

Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice. Good to see normal. (Is this normal in average households?) I missed normal.

Laura said...


Anonymous said...

But wait, you could get more normal still! I know you read "Daily Chuck", so how come you haven't tried something like this yet:

Ben & Darling said...

GOOD one !!

Anonymous said...

Foul! Obviously the panel is biased toward your average long-legged, long-haired sleek model. And the designer was in on it too, black & white model - black & white coat? hmmm? hmmm???

Beautiful pics as always!

Anonymous said...

I see Tweed is from George, Washington. I have a very weird psycho Border Collie/Kelpie/Catahoula mix from George Washington named Beep. There are some pictures of him and our three Jacks, three Border Collie and our foster Border Collie on my blog. Beep is the super smooth tri.

Anonymous said...

*grumble* No Flamboyance? What were you thinking, Food Lady? Why couldn't we have a rear shot of the Wootie model with a big portion of Tail Fluff showing? C'mon, think, Food Lady, think!!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention all of our dogs are rescues... Beep, is off the PNW Independent BC rescue and Max is a Oregon Border Collie Rescue alumni of Kay G's.

Thanks for all you do with rescue!