Saturday, December 08, 2007

Red Doggles

"Oh no! Your Doggles (tm) are slipping off Red Dog!"

No worries! Tweed is rushing to the rescue!

or at least he was, until the ChickenShit was foiled by The Scary Bridge

Same damn bridge; we cross it at least four times a month, and have for years. And Tweed is still scared of it.

There aren't too many photos from today's hike. It was this kind of day:

Brrr. Too cold to take my hands out of my pockets to take photos. We hiked for about two hours, which RD says is all his old body can handle. It's also about one and a half more hours of listening to comments from the peanut gallery than I can handle.

"Oooh, look at the Ray Charles dog." "Ha ha, that dog's wearing shades." "Hee hee, oh that dog is so cool in his stylin' glasses." Etc.

Piper says she is above that sort of attention.

RD continues to watch me continuously with his one open eye. We went for a recheck yesterday and the entire vet clinic exploded with laughter at his Doggles (tm). There has been no improvement, but it's certainly not getting worse either. Both vets feel it is likely to resolve itself in time. I wish time would hurry up! RD doesn't seem to care either way.
I also did not bring the Chuck It (see: too cold to take hands out of pockets) so poor Tweed had to resort to playing with Woo, he was so desperate.

That *never* happens.

But we saw a coyote!!

Okay not really, it was just a dog. But a cool looking dog.


Rossie said... the pictures today! Tweed's fear of the bridge cracks me up. Buzz is very protective of me around snowmen--sigh.

: )

Anonymous said...

Great pics - I'm glad you took your hands out long enough to take those - definitely worth it!!

I'm glad Red Dog's eye is improving too.

Anonymous said...

Great pics once again! I have to laugh at Tweed being scared of the bridge. Well, all your dogs are so cool, I smile when I see them.


B said...

no matter how silly feel with red dog in doggles - i'm sure he's just as happy to be starting a new trend.

riosmom said...

Glad to hear that the vets think Red Dog's eye will resolve itself and, more importantly, glad it doesn't bother him. He looks like the sweetest dog in the world in the first picture. All he needs is a scarf and a leather aviator helmet.

Glad, too, that you fessed up about the coyote - that is a cool dog but would be a very strange coyote.

Anonymous said...

I love reading what you write! And the photos are to die for. It's better than ER. Honestly, the things you go through really hit home.

Bellingham, WA

Anonymous said...

For a split second I thought your brain had frozen, coyote indeed. Love RD in his doggles - only he could make them look cool. Paws crossed for a quick recovery and doggle retirement.