Sunday, December 09, 2007

I haz puppy party

*gleeful hand clapping*

It was puppy visit day!! I was so excited.

The puppies are E-NOR-MOUS. Huge. They are now 6 weeks old and fat and sassy and have way more teeth than any puppies on this earth should be allowed to have. If you poured water on my toes, they would behave like little sprinklers now, because they were pierced 90 000 times during my visit. I don't care! So much cuteness!! Why are puppies so much cuter at other people's houses??

Cindy is still the smallest of the bunch, and is full of p&v. It looks like Cindy may be staying with her foster home. I have no idea why, it's not like the kids love her or anything.

Cindy is most precious.

Big Boy Bobby is still ... big. Bigger than the other puppies. He has one brown eye, and one half blue, half brown eye. I wasn't expecting that!

Jan's tri colour is spreading all over. She has tri bits on her head now too. She is just lovely.

As usual, Marsha is gorgeous in person, but is so not photogenic. She has two bright blue eyes.

Her brother in merleness, Mike, is one of the best looking pups I have ever seen. He has two marbled eyes, half brown, half blue.
He's going to break some hearts, this one!

Picasso remains the chatty man of the pack, and is such a good looking dog. I like his little egghead!

And Cousin Oliver ... well, I managed to mess up his photo even though he was asleep and dead still. But just imagine one of the other puppies in all black and you'll get the idea.

The kids are doing a GREAT job socializing the pups. The little tykes are getting picked up, swung around, played with, napped with and just generally have a lot more attention than they ever would have gotten here. They are going to make great family dogs and the folks who adopt them are going to be very lucky.

I was happy to see Mona, because Mona was happy to see me! I got big love at the door, and many hugs and adoring tail thumps. She is very attached to her new foster mum, which makes me all gushy, but she didn't forget me.

She is lovely, Mona.

And Uncle Finn is doing a GREAT job. He loves on the puppies, and has even taught Mona how to play. He is so docile and even tempered with her. This is a shout out to Mr. Handsome Finn Man.

It was worth driving out to the boonies in sub zero temperatures for sure. My car, which likes to tell me how cold it is outside, simply said the word ICE today. Brrr.


Red Dog has had a change of heart. He says his Doggles (tm) suck.

On the way home from the park, he ATE them. Ate them right off his own face!


Anonymous said...

Of course Finn is wonderful - isn't he a dwarf? I hear they're all wonderful!

I think I've switched from loving Bobby to Mike...fickle girl that I am :)

Ben & Darling said...

I like all the pup!! They are all gorgeous but I pawsonally like Cindy, Marsha & Oliver. Oh I got a baby bro too...I hope we can get along well...

riosmom said...

Bobby is HUGE! All the pups are just lovely - but Cindy is sooo sweet. Not surprised she got spoken for first.

Can you tell yet if Marsha and Mike have hearing or vision problems?

Poor Red Dog - he must be tired of having those damn things on his face. Is his eye gettinh any better? What about an eye patch instead of the doggles? He would make a handsome pirate.

gracehoper said...

They all look older! Amazing. And they are all lookers but I have to say, that Mona is really a beautiful. Red Dog looks pretty against the snow, despite difficulties with accessories.

The Border Collies said...

"Can you tell yet if Marsha and Mike have hearing or vision problems? "

Mike and Marsha can both hear, this is apparent. And neither seems unable to see. However, Marsha's right eye is still a titch smaller than her left, and both her pupils are "starburst." A regular pupil is perfectly round and sits in the center of the eye, but Marsha's look jagged. One of Mike's appears to be the same way. This does not necessarily mean they cannot see, but it could indicate light sensitivity as they age. Nothing insurmountable.

Schnitzie said...

That is somewhat of a relief about both Mike and Marsh -- that they can hear and may be able to see. I hope they won't develop any problems in the future.

They are both stunningly beautiful.

And I LOVE seeing Mona!

Poor Red Dog! And poor Doggles. I hope they won't upset RD's tummy!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh. They are huge!! And so, so adorable.

Sorry about the doggles!

ACB said...

I too am a big Mona fan, porno boobs and all! She looks like a dog that would really know how to appreciate the care she's given. Egads, can't imagine the horror of chewed up Doggles. I price checked those bad boys last trip to the Mart and damn! They think highly of them, don't they?? I too vote for RD pirate pictures!!!Argh lol Also, why is it that puppies always have that sad look? Mysterious!

gracehoper said...

The first time I looked at these photos I thought the little girl holding Cindy was wearing a shirt that said "Sponger" and I though that was an odd shirt for a little girl. True, all children are spongers by nature, but we don't usually label them as such. Today, looking at the photos again, I think I've figured it out: Sponge Bob.