Tuesday, December 11, 2007

TSFCNTSDM - Episode 2

Location: The Kitchen

Today's guest judge:

One Angry Donut

The fabulous prizes: Still nothing. Oh wait, one cookie (I'm running low).

...which Donut ate

Red Dog has struck a most telling pose. In layman's terms, it could be interpreted simply as:

Food Lady, you suck.

Moving along ...

Mr. Woo says "I'm thinking seriously, for the first time in my vapid life. Specifically, I'm thinking about killing you."

Eeek. Even Donut has to look away

Tweed has his eye on the prize, which is rapidly disappearing down Donut's throat. He knows there is no payoff

Poor Tweed

ha ha.

Piper has used the garment to her advantage, hiding her overly large ears

but in the end, she simply resorts to nakedly begging to remain another week.

Or possibly she was begging for the cookie.

Which Donut ate.

I think I'm in real trouble now. I stumbled into the Children Of The Corn. Eep.


riosmom said...

Your poor (lucky) dogs. The picture of Mr. Woo is wonderful - he could indeed be contemplating murder. And Tweed - well, he is just Tweed, much maligned and still forbearing. Except when teamed with Mr. Woo when they both seemed to have the same opinion of the things you do to amuse yourself. And all your loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

do NOT go to sleep tonight! I think Woo has serious revenge on his mind. If not murder...possibly leaving nasty deposits in your slippers, closet, shoes, cupboards, dvd player...anywhere he can.

Anonymous said...

Aww such patient pups!!


ACB said...

i think woo is gonna totally kungfoo you in yer sleep. or muffle your screams with the flamboyance (tm) while piper eats you with mad teeth (tm). red dog and tweed are lookouts.



Lizzy said...

I just LOVE those pictures of you all! I might even like the pictures of the... uh... cough cough...cat.cough. Don't trust the cat though. They like to trick us dogs.