Friday, December 28, 2007

Okay, Okay. Quit yer bitchin'

Mona's begging you.

Actually, I think she may be begging Calgon to take her away. When you've got kids the size of MONSTERS who think you're a milk bar, you get a little desperate and sweaty.

I know, right? WTF? Where did the puppies go? Cookie Uncle and I went to visit puppies today and all we found were medium sized dogs running around.

They are HUGE.

Big Boy Bobby is still the biggest. He's a whopper! He's got one brown eye, and one that is both blue and brown. He can squash small children with one of his massive paws. Bobby is potentially going to live in the Wenatchee Valley on a native plant farm.

Cindy is still the baby bunny of the bunch. And she still has that heartbreaker of a face too. Cindy is going to Vancouver Island to live with one of Uncle Finn's siblings.

Interestingly, sweet, shy Jan has become Miss Social and has energy to burn. She has legs uptohere and is very striking with the peach running all through her coat. Like Bobby, she has one brown eye and one blue and brown eye. No one has spoken for Jan definitively yet, but there is a gal in the Vancouver area who might be interested.

Ole Blue Eyes, Marsha, remains chronically unphotogenic, but is lovely in person. She has a really sweet personality and is attached at the hip to brother Mike. Marsha has not yet been spoken for, so will be going to live with Cookie Uncle for a bit after her spay, until she finds a home of her own. Cookie Uncle says "Marsha looks like she is wearing shorts." This explains the attraction.

Gorgeous Mike gets better looking every time I see him. I am so glad we didn't name him 'Greg.' (No offense to the Gregs out there). He has perfect merle markings. Mike is going to live in Idaho with one of our 3WAAW fans!

Oliver, still blurry and out of focus. I'm sorry Olly, I don't know why I can't get a good photo of you. The big bruiser is still the world's cuddliest puppy - he is going to live in the Lower Mainland with a gentleman who says the addition of Olly means his wife moves down the Priority Scale one notch, and she's okay with it.

And last but not least, the very stunning Picasso. This boy is a lean machine and is a simply marvelous slate grey colour with grey eyes to match. His photo does not do him justice. Picasso has not been spoken for yet, and I have no earthly idea why.

The pups are at least double the size they were when I last saw them. They are 9 weeks old as of this Sunday and go in next week to be neutered, vaccinated, chipped and have their dewclaws removed. I know that their foster family will be sad to see them go, but they have done such a fantastic job with them. Each and every pup is a well socialized, docile, sweet, good natured delight.

Finn, who was tasked with keeping Cooper amused in the yard, says "Yo, don't forget about me out here."

And Cooper, who liked Finn a lot but felt left out of the indoor fun, says "WTF? Why do I need a babysitter? Can I come in?"

Bobby is too sexy for the kitchen floor.

Not to be outdone, Marsha strikes a pose.

Mike and Marsha muscle in.

Happy now??

These will probably be the last photos of the pups I can take, since they get split up next weekend to go to their new foster and/or forever homes.

Bye bye, babies.


Sherri said...

Can't you make it a mandatory part of the adoption contract that the new families send up pictures of them on a regular basis? I'm gonna MISS them!

Anonymous said...

Look at those paws - they're gonna be huge! (but still oh so cute) :)

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed not only at how cute and healthy those pups are but that you already have homes for most of them! You previously posted that there were apps on Mona; do you know yet where she will be going? You should feel so proud of yourself; Mona and the pups are a real testament to your dedication to dogs who need help.

Anonymous said...

awwwww...damn they grew fast and huge!!! I agree with 2stardogs...they are gonna get bigger! Do you think Cookie Uncle will end up falling for Short Pants Marsha? I have to say I hope so...then we get to see more pics!

I'm happy to see such a happy result to such a crazy couple of months for you and Mona!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, so CUTE!!!

Rossie said...

I have a secret: I love Cooper.

ACB said...

holy cow, what on earth impregnated our sweet Mona?? Cuz dang, them's some big ol HONKIN puppies (as we say down South). I mean, my Great Dane was rougly that size at 8 weeks and he's now a whoppin 130lbs. Whoosh, they grow up so fast! BTW, is that the face of Cookie Uncle in the Marsha pic? Because I mostly recognize his ankles.

Thank you so much for puppy updates, and I hope they all make their forever families very happy! Now, can you tell me where to put 230-something Pomeranians? (besides in Tweed's corner that is lol)

gracehoper said...

I'm sort of hoping that Marsha ends up heading south a bit so that she and Mike can have playdates. Hate the thought of separating them. Wenatchee (Bobby's new home)isn't all that far from Idaho so maybe those two can get together once in awhile.
I'm starting to think their dad might be a Great Dane.

from Mike's proud mom in Moscow ID

Peanut said...

Oh my those are the cutest puppies.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for puppies!!!
They are huge, but they are absolutely adorable. So glad to hear that most of them have homes to go to. The others will have homes soon...they're too cute.

Anonymous said...

like everyone else I'll be sad to see them go but happy. They were so lucky that you found them.

Janet said...

You all did soooo good! They are big, beautiful pups and I thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

Thank you (sniff sniff)for the *last* (sniff sniff)pictures of the puppies and Mona. Does Mona have a new home and when does she go there? I am sure she will welcome her spay after this bunch! Thank you for saving Mona and her crew and for sharing them with us. Go well, Brady Bunch!

BecJones said...

OMG they are absolutely huge!

You guys have done such a wonderful job with them and they look like they will turn into happy, well adjusted dogs. Well Done

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos of gorgeous pups - they look like they are almost as big as Mona!!

Am glad to hear most of them have what will hopefully be their forever homes lined up - what is happening with Mona?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the puppies are going to good homes, but OMG they are huge!!! What on earth was their father, a horse???

alicia marie said...

What an amazing journey they have already had in their short lives. I feel so blessed to have been a vicarious part of it! I wish them nothing but long, joyful, cookie filled, loving lives!

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else said: What about Mona???

Anonymous said...

OMG - those puppies are gi-normous!!! Daddy must have been Chester-esque...good thing those pups got such a great start in life with two fabulous foster homes.

Which Finn sibling is getting one of the BB pups?