Sunday, December 16, 2007

What's on YOUR picnic table??

Missing from the photo are Red Dog, who can't get up on that table, and Boomer, who would NOT get up on that table.

What? Who is Boomer you ask?


Boomer is TDBCR's latest acquisition. He's about 7 months old and although was advertised as a BC X Lab, looks like a smooth coat Aussie red BC to us. He is one good looking dog. He's a damn fine cup of coffee! And he is looking for a home.

'Course, he doesn't hold a candle to the most sophisticated, always composed, Cooper.

Oh, Cooper. (Cooper is still looking for a home too. I know. We don't get it either.)

Cooper had an evil twin at the beach today. I mean, I'm sure he wasn't actually evil and was probably a very nice dog, but he looked like Evil Cooper. I don't know what's with the Twin Peaks references in this entry. I apologize.

Evil Cooper

And speaking of twins ... the Doublemints were at it again today:

"Get out of the shot, Ryan!"

So there we were at the beach, with 8 border collies and Abby


And we ran into random guy who is my new hero. He's my new hero because he didn't even bat an eyelash at the overwhelming amount of energy we we carting along with. In fact, all he wanted to do was chat about iPhones and didn't even seem to notice that we had the 9 Dogs Of The Apocalypse with us.

It could be because he was roaming around with these:

In my experience, one hunting dog = 4 border collies with respect to insane energy levels. No wonder he wasn't phased!


Crazy ears interlude!

Red Dog is still motoring along. Half his face remains paralyzed, no change on that front, and since the Doggles (tm) eating incident, we have agreed he may lurch around unencumbered by tacky sunglasses. In return, he promises not to raid my garbage can anymore. It seemed a fair trade.
But it's kind of sad-slash-pathetic too, because RD's bottom lip droops on the paralyzed side of his face. It forms a sort of scoopy "u" shape of extra lip, and it kept filling up with sand. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the bizarre ailments my dogs come down with.

Coookie Uncle showed up with a hangover and a pair of shorts. Fortunately for us all, he was wearing the shorts. But it is the middle of winter, and none of us were sure why he was wearing shorts.

Wootie says "I don't care if you suffer from Inappropriate Clothing Syndrome, Cookie Uncle. I will worship at the Altar Of Short Pants if it means cookies will rain down upon me." And so it came to pass.

I suspect even Lars was embarrassed about the short pants. He seemed to hope the earth would just swallow him.

Poor Lars

So yeah, Cooper and Boomer are looking for homes of their own. They are two fantastic dogs!

Cooper is about a year old and is a smart, responsive, athletic, sweet and cuddly dog. His turn ons include Vacuum Cleaner Wrestling and cookies.

Boomer is about 7 months old and he likes to party. He says his ideal partner is an agility competitor who likes to have a little fun with tennis balls. He enjoys mud wrestling and acquisitions (of toys).

Tell your friends!

There are no puppy photos this weekend, alas. I did not have the time to make the trek out there to visit my poopsies. Maybe next weekend.


dp said...

Haha. I was very mean to Boomer one day when I found him with his front paws on my kitchen table. Maybe he is suspicious of tables in general now. I miss my Boo!

Schnitzie said...

Haaaaaa, you sed "poopsies." Thank you for the wonderful puppy pix and update.

I was jonesin' for puppies & poopsies BAD!!! Glad Red Dog is coping with his challenges. Even half droopy, he is a HUNK!!!

Rossie said...

"9 Dogs Of The Apocalypse" hilarious. thank you.

Jody said...

Poor Ryan! I'd run too if I had the evil twins behind me.

Catherine said...

So.... is the hunting dog guy single? I mean, if he's your new hero, and didn't bat an eye at the 9-DOTA this is an important consideration....

That table is much improved with it's visitors.

This once, I will forgive you for the no puppize thing, since I got a good RD shot.

Jen said...

I adore Ryan. He has matured into a very handsome dog!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a table setting to envy.

With all those Borders crouching, slinking, herding each other, Mad Teeth (tm) flashing, do you ever explain to unBorder people that your Woofs are not vicious but it is instinct and they are just playing?

Anonymous said...

We take our three Jack Russells, three BC's and one insane BC mix to the school, everyone either moves to the other side of the property or leaves, even when we don't let them off leash:)

I have learned to really appreciate a short coat! In the Oregon mud it is so much easier to clean up.

I sure hope they both get new homes for the New Year!