Monday, October 01, 2007

This is your dog.

This is your dog

This is your dog on peanut butter

God, I am cruel-slash-funny.

Ha ha ha! The Anteater

Woo is not acting alone

Skipper is concerned about the powerful affects of peanut butter, and refuses to partake.

Piper was extremely concerned ...

...Ahhh, there's my girl

HA! I could do this all night!

Angry Donut is not amused.

Too bad! I am!!

By the way, you can do this with cats.

But the potential for retribution probably isn't worth it. If there no more posts in this blog, ever ... assume Toilet Kitty did me in.

Oh wait! I am still amused!! Ha ha ha!!

Don't let them fool you. The hounds LOVE the peanut butter game.

Okay, the jar's empty.


I'm really working on my portrait skills. Here's a couple I took today.

Here's Parker the World's Happiest Greyhound

Parker's new friend, also a greyhound.

This is Parker's little sister Harriet AKA Miss Clairol. The dye has still not washed out. Auntie Dove is a liar!!


Anonymous said...

The peanut butter game looks like fun - though a bit messy!!

Your portraits are just fabulous!


dp said...

I prefer wasabi. Is that wrong?

Anonymous said... Harriet a capybara?

I think you need to change to a different camera lens or something. That is not a dog, and no matter what color it is, or was, I refuse to believe it is even related to Harriet.

Anonymous said...

Don't I wish Tweed was my dog. I can pick him up anytime!

The Border Collies said...

Let me save you a trip - I'll ship him to you!!

mammalsandbirds said...

I'm not sure why I have to sign in for a new account every time I post a message. I put the same e-mail, user name and password, but next time, it still doesn't accept me. Thus, I rave much less often about your amazing photos than I'd really like. Your blogs are like a little breath of happy every time I read them. I hunger for each new post.

As for your response about anonymous's offer to pick up Tweed, I have to laugh. This from the lady who suffers considerable pain to leave a permanent paw
print on her arm. I'm not fooled for a minute.

Anonymous said...

So I had to google Capybara. It's a large rodent (rat) aka swamp kitten. Sooo Sorry Harriet but are you somehow related to a Capy?

Stanley said...

3 W's & a Woo!

I just stumbled across you guys on a recommendation from a friend, and I love your faces! My plan was to read one post and be done, but I am strangley drawn to the nex post, then the next... are you emitting something through my computer screen?

Thanks for a look into the life of your Woofs and your Woo. They are obviously very willing participants in your photographic experiments, and very cool to look at!

Your new goober bud,
Stanley (the Airedale goober boy)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I meant to say *long-haired* capybara. The nose is a bit wrong, but check out this lovely photo and tell me you don't see the resemblance otherwise:

As for comment.