Tuesday, October 09, 2007

All Good Things Come To An End

The season ticket office of the outdoor action photo has definitely closed, faithful readers. I lugged the big guns (ie zoom lens) to the beach in the rain and snapped 154 photos, and am only unashamed of one.

Le sigh.

There was even photographic evidence of old man Skipper *swimming* - yes, swimming, a first in our relationship. The Wootie Toy (aka Soft Yellow Frisbee) is a powerful lure. But the photos aren't worth posting.

Yesterday was beautiful though, sunny and sorta warm even, and my camera tagged along on our hike at Bridgeman. We even ran into some friends. Do you remember The World's Cutest Puppy, Rogue?

She tortures me by appearing in my life once or twice a week and being damned adorable.

Scary brother Tempus was there too. I know he looks cute here and all, but believe me, he is scary.


Also, BIG brother Toby was with them. Toby has a lot to say about nothing at all. You can't photograph sound, but you get the idea.

Anyway, it was a nice day for a walk. It was also Lars' Gotcha Day!!

The beasts were happy to celebrate with the red brutha.

Thankfully, there is still the magic of indoor photography, and with it I can indulge Anonymous' request for Red Dog photos. Twist my rubber arm or what?

It doesn't get much cuter than this

He's not only good looking, but he's talented as well.

Red Dog can sing the blues

Woo is pretty skeptical about how talented Red Dog actually is

Skipper is stone deaf, and even he doesn't want to hear it!

Piper tolerates it as long as she can...

But it doesn't mean she likes it

You'd think it would be like nails on a chalkboard for Angry Donut ...
... but she really seems to like it

Red Dog doesn't care. He has a song in his heart and he wants to share it with the world!

He's just so darn proud of himself. He's a born entertainer.

So is Woo, but for totally different reasons.

Tweed doesn't like the fact that he was omitted from this entry, so asked me to throw this one in.


dp said...

The flavour of the victory wiener has faded, I guess. Poor Tweedie Bird.

Stanley said...

Good-bye summer, hello fall & winter!

Wish I could hear red dog sing, or see Woo's complete act. Alas, I will have to be satisfied with photos.

Goober love,

Leah said...

Yay for Red Dog pictures! Thanks for indulging me--much appreciated!

I just realized that I can leave comments with my name even though I don't have a blog :) I thought I had to go anon w/o an account. Oh well.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

You capture the heart, soul, and spirit of your pups and kitten. So now it's indoor photos? So how about unwet tails, especially Tweed's. Let's compare the Flamboyance to Tweed's aerodynamic tail that wins wieners. Thank You.

Arabella said...

beautiful red dog! you need more pictures all to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh Oh! Satan Puppy? Is that you?? Are you a failed foster? More pics of The Rogue pretty please!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh... Red Dog photos! :D There's no dog quite as handsome as he! What is it about this dog?? Is it his eyes? His expression? That slightly ruffled looking coat? I don't know, but he just gets to me! And of course, all the others just provide more eye candy!

Thanks for giving us yet another Happy Dose. :D

Fiona said...

>> Oh Oh Oh! Satan Puppy? Is that you?? Are you a failed foster? More pics of The Rogue pretty please!!! <<

Roguey-Pie has fans! She graciously accepts adulation and cookies. She learned to go over flyball jumps today, and thinks she is ready for the big time...

riosmom said...

When CL PetFo is impossible - much of the time - your blog and wonderful photos are a restorative antidote. Love the Red Dog photos and can't get enough of them. If old dogs could rule the world, what a better place it would be. Live forever, Red Dog.