Sunday, September 30, 2007

Excuse me, I think your cat is upside down.

"Excuse me, I think your cat is upside down."

"I hate to be a pest, but the floor is really far away. I wish you'd do something about that."

"Oh hi - I'm right here. No need to take photos of boring old Skip!"

Speaking of Skipper ... is it just me, or does he look like a balding old man? I'm going to start calling him Patrick Stewart.

Now Tweed is no balding old man. Tweed is the very height of, umm, fashion.

"Yo. 'Sup."

I wore pretty much this exact thing today, except I was also wearing pants (Tweed drew the line at pants). When Tweed wears it, I take photos of it and people go "awwwww!" When I wear it, people call me a "tea cozy."

(See if you get your poodle photos now, Miss OverOverBoing! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!)

When Red Dog wears it, I start thinking about angry, bloodthirsty Scotsmen.

In this photo, Piper reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Can you see it?

But really she was just giving me a look that says, in Piper-speak "Look crazy Food-Slash-Photo Lady, I know you've got something up your sleeve and I know I'm not gonna like it."

She was right.

Life Imitates ... art?

Art(?) Imitates Life.

That was really low of me. Piper lives to eviscerate stuffies, and I don't let her kill my border collie stuffies.

So she took it out on Woo.

Bitey Face Smackdown Round II

The she was happy :)

Angry Donut is never happy

Red Dog, bless his heart, slept through it all.

For no reason.

And again!


River said...

WOW how amazing are your photos - and your models are all just gorgeous!!


Jane said...

Ah, Woo, when they were handing out dollops of cuteness, you got an extra scoop! *kiss, kiss*

Anonymous said...

Red Dog and Tweed in that hat a definite "awwwww", a person wearing it would be a "tea cozy" with a lot of balls.

I've always wondered why dogs lie on the bed with head hanging over and now I know .... thanks Mr. Woo.

The Border Collies said...

Here's a heads up folks - if your comment is rude, I'm rejecting it and it won't get posted. Seriously, this blog is not politics, it's a cute little thing with cute little photos of dogs and it's all about fun.

If you want to be an asshole, find somewhere else to blow off your steam.


Anonymous said...

I heart Red Dog! *huggies & kissies Red Dog!* And your photos. And your cute commentary. :) More please!! Any puppy pictures (of Red Dog perhaps?)? Please???