Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blah blah AWWWW blah blah


What a capture, right? Little wee merle with the big mama merle. How cute is that??

I know how much you all love the puppy photos. That's why I am going to show you something else instead. For Hallowe'en I'm going to be Torture Lady (tm).

You can just ignore these. After all, they are MERELY some of the most technically perfect shots I've taken in a while. They are ONLY some of the last sunny day beach pictures I'll have a chance to get before we turn the clocks back and the rains come. Don't mind boring old self indulgent me ...

blah blah blah, a lovely photo of Lars' coy side

Ho hum, a perfect capture of Woo's unique sproinging

...blah blah blah, the moment before Mad Teeth (tm)

Ha ha! Not all dives are flawless! Oh shut up boring Food Lady, with your Piper photos.

SNORE, yeah yeah, foster dog Cooper, looking for a home, we remember him. Get on with it already.

Oh look! The Flamboyance (tm) VS Rat Tail. That's so zzzzzzzzzzzz

Okay Okay Okay.


Here's a wee white noggin peeking up from a sea of merle.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

He does have legs, I swear.

I have been trying to get photos of each pup individually, but the little bastards keep turning away from the camera. They are blind, they are deaf, the only motion they can reliably do is The Worm, and yet the second the camera comes out they all turn their little potato backs on me. I don't know how they do it. One of the great mysteries of nature.

Maybe I should bring the camera out in the middle of the night, when they are all screaming and keeping me awake!!

Anyway, here are some shots I did manage to catch this afternoon.

They don't even have feelings yet, but this one still managed to scowl at me.

This one just gave me the puppy version of the bird.

And then complained about me to his mum.

Ha1 I like this one. He looks exactly like a piglet

This one stuck his tongue out at me. While scowling.

I keep calling them all "him" by the way, because I can't remember which ones are males and which ones are females. Truthfully, I am lucky I remember to put on pants in the morning, that's how tired I am. This is harder than I remember it.

It's a damn good thing they're cute.


riva said...

So I think the puppies are cute as hell...but I still want the wooties and pipers and tweirds and reddogs and donuts...nothing like a little flamboyance(tm) to make a person happy!

still no little black rebel pup though...I'm starting to doubt there is one...I think you are pulling our tails!

Alaska said...

Hooray for puppies! Puppies don't care if it's raining outside. Puppies don't care about daylight savings time. Puppies can be photographed 24 hours a day in any weather. Puppies will save the blog from sliding into the fall doldrums. Puppiez rulez. More puppiez picturz. Max the bandwidth. Go puppiez! Wake up the Food Lady whenever you feel like it. The TWAAW fans of the world thank you for your efforts.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Those are beautiful puppies.

Anonymous said...

Mr Woo is consistent in his jumping style, and Piper, is that you doing an unelegant jump? Caught on film too, te he.

I'm with Alaska. More puppies. It's gonna be neat to watch them grow and get ready for adoption. Any chance of a picture of Mamma, her facial markings look lovely?

ps Wearing pants is over-rated, so is sleeping.

Catherine said...

Lovely photos as always of a wonderful group of dogs. So... what does Donut think of the puppies?