Thursday, October 04, 2007

R.I.P. Grandma

This week my grandma passed away, after a long struggle with a variety of painful and debilitating health problems. I didn't know my grandmother very well at all, as she lives in another province far away where they speak mostly French. But I know my mother is sad and in pain, so if you kind blog readers will indulge me, these photos of the Great Big Sky are for my mum.

RIP Grandma

Feel better, mum.


Tweed doesn't like sad, so he decided to shake off the sad.

He tends to overdo stuff

It's a long weekend coming up, and I'm going to take some time off the computer to spend with my furry (and non furry) loved ones. I hope this photo of The Flamboyance (tm) holds Jane over for a few days.


mammalsandbirds said...

I loved the sky pics and the Tweed shakes were priceless. What a great concept to shake off sad. Sorry to hear about your grandma, and hope your Mom will find comfort in your beautifully unique tribute. Enjoy your time with loved ones this weekend.

jane said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother's death, RDM. I know you'll be able to help your mother through this time of sadness.

Thank you for the classic picture of The Flamboyance (tm), waving majestically in the breeze. Mr. Woo, I would like to touch your tail, please. Pwetty pwease?

I hope you are working on a collection of pictures of Woo digging or with his head in a hole in various locations around the world. Woo in Tokyo? Cool! Woo digging at Buckingham Palace! Awesome!;-)

Anonymous said...

To my good and dear friend and comrade, the "crazy tattooed dog lady"...
PEACE in your heart and QUIET in your mind. "Be still and know that I am doG!"
Selah WA

Anonymous said...

Warmest thoughts to you, your family, and fuzzy wuzzies. In recognition of your Grandma your sky pictures are lovely and awesome. May your God be with you.

PhantomDane said...

I found those photos to be calming and very lovely. I hope your Mom agrees. Best part of the WooTail picture is that you can see his feet under the water...unheard of with my local Gulf of Mexico currents....wah. Take care and come back to us soon!