Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who's Number One?

Why is there a placement podium at the dog park?

...Were you waiting for an answer? I dunno!!

But we know who #1 is!!

And boy did he dream big today! Today he apparently dreamt he could bust into the puppy pen and eat mama's food. Mama dog disagreed. They argued through metal. RED DOG LOST A TOOTH! There was a big ole pointy canine laying on the floor when I got home. He's going to have no teeth left if he keeps this up.


So after much deliberation, we have named the puppies. The 7 Deadly Sins were a great idea ... if I never wanted to find them homes!! Just like you never name a foster dog "Digger" or "Mike Meyers" you also don't name them "Wrath" or "Gluttony." And quite frankly, the thought of who would adopt a dog named "Lust" was just creepy.

I liked the idea of naming them after toilets, but this was vetoed by Cookie Uncle who felt that since he drove all the way to the boonies to pick them up he has a big say in the process. Not big enough to house 7 puppies in his apartment, or have mama dog run out into the building hallway and take a giant smelly dump in front of his neighbors, mind you.

So without further ado, I present to you ...
We are now at Day 4 and all the pups are doing well, even the wrinkly one. I swear they have doubled in size,but I think they are actually about one half size bigger than they were 4 days ago. They are FAT and squirmy. Mama, whom I have named Mona whether Cookie Uncle likes it or not, is eating about 5-6 cups of Innova Evo a day. Ouch.

The still look kinda like potatoes, but they are starting to look a little more puppyish. They are getting cuter by the nanosecond.


Anonymous said...

where's Greg?! I thought he was the oldest boy and Mike was the dad?

cute lil 'taters!

The Border Collies said...

I don't like the name "Greg." It leaves a bad after taste in my mouth, so I improvised. In Grade 7, the cutest boy in school was named Mike and he gave me his tape (those are the things we used to listen to music on before CDs were invented, btw) of The Beastie Boys. All the other girls were jealous. So the name "Mike" has fonder connotations than icky "Greg."

Anonymous said...

RD - #1 and Solid Gold. You are an inspiration to us seniors .... just when Food Lady figured out the answers, you changed the questions. We may be senior but we've still got it.

Jen said...

Marcia, Marcia!

How long are you keeping the babies?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Red Dog. You're still my favorite face, even with all the puppies around. Not that I mind the pictures of them--they're pretty cute too.

Anonymous said...

Great names and loved the photos (as usual they are just brilliant!!)


mammalsandbirds said...

Yup! Red Dog is number 1 in my book too. Sorry he lost a tooth, but love to see that big attitude.

Thanks for all the other outstanding pics as well. I feel lucky indeed to have discovered your blog.

So happy to get the updates on all of the pups - after their rough start, must feel like Heaven to them and their Mom being warm and well fed and watched over by you.

Good names!