Thursday, October 11, 2007

... And Good Things Come To Those That Wait

Perhaps I spoke too soon. Today was not sunny, but it was bright and it wasn't raining either. That can only mean one thing ... a trip to the beach!

A photograph of the elusive "dry" Red Dog. This poor dog is basically damp all winter long. We go for a play in the morning and it's raining and he gets soaked. Then I return from a day of work and he's still kinda wet, 10 hours later ... and what do I do? I take him out in the rain again. He says he wants to move to Mexico, so he can dry out. Funny, me too!

Anyway, it wasn't raining this morning so he was dry and stunningly beautiful when we hit the beach this evening.

Piper says "Enough waxing poetic about the damn Red Dog. Throw the friggin' ball."

So Mr. Woo was feeling fighty today I guess. Perhaps he's been drinking my booze while I'm at work. Like many short men everywhere, he thought he might have something to prove and decided to take on a GSD.

Woo Fights Dirty

First, damned if he didn't just haul off and kick the poor thing in the nads.

Then he morphed into Vampire Wootie.

Finally he went all-out Glasgow soccer riot on the poor guy and started bitch slapping him.

The Shepherd ran back to his coach for some advice.

And in the end, who gets the blame? ME, that's who.

"Yo Camera Lady, wassup with yo dog, man? Why he gotta be like dat?"

Today's entry is short because I am taking Skipper to meet what we are hoping will be his forever family. If it all works out, he will get to be the captain of his own ship! These folks have a sailboat and use it frequently. Maybe they will adopt me instead.

Wish Skipper luck!

Oh and Tweed was SO pissed off at being omitted from this entry, he refused to let me take any photos of him at all.


PhantomDane said...

I can has GSD cheezburger? Since I didn't get a damn weenie LOL

I luuuuuuuuuuv Red Dog! He is especially fetching when dry!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to Skipper - sounds like he's going to have a fantastic life if all goes well!!


Anonymous said...

Tweed you are such a tease.

Stanley said...

Good luck, Skipper! I didn't know you were a sailor pup (guess I should have paid better attention to your name... duh.)

Goob love,