Saturday, October 06, 2007

Victory Wiener

Yeah, yeah, I know ... I said I was taking some time off. But today Tweed and I entered an All-Team agility trial, and my little wiener not only got out of Advanced Team this morning, but also got his first leg of his Masters Team title this afternoon.

For this, he deserves a mention. Plus a victory wiener.

"I wonder when I get to eat this wiener?"

"It better be soon, or I know a Food-Slash-Camera Lady who is about to meet her maker."

"Mmmmm. Victory Wiener."

So kudos to you Tweed! You'll be ATCHed in no time!! I hate you a little less today.

Poor Skipper. He didn't understand why he wasn't getting a wiener, and because he's deaf, he couldn't hear my patient explanation about rewards for performance etc.

Isn't it sad? Wouldn't you give him a wiener?
Yeah, well, I didn't. I only had one wiener, and it had Tweed's name on it.

Piper, who is ungracious, was just plain old pissed off that Tweed got a wiener and she didn't.

Poor wiener-less Wootie.

This is a BAD cat. This cat has been jumping up on my room divider and digging in my house plants. As the room divider is just taller than my eye level, I had no idea what she was doing until I found tell-tale Donut sized paw prints on my freshly washed duvet cover.

Kittenz are a real pain in the ass. The only thing that would be worse than one Angry Donut is if she cloned herself.

Oh shit.

And while I'm at it, these are the faces in my house when I leave everyone at home to take Tweed to an agility trial:

(yes I know that technically Tweed is supposed to be with me during the taking of these photos, and therefore can't be photographed for this topic, but work with me here. I mean really, if I were *actually* out of the house when these were taken, how would they be taken in the first place? Just go with it, 'kay?)

This is the face of Woo, who wants a cookie

This is the face of Brody, who wants the ball

This is the face of Skipper, who is happy he is still alive and wasn't put to death for the crime of being a sorta-grumpy-on-occasion old man dog.

And this is a photo I just happen to like.

It's my stepdad's birthday today. I'm too cheap / broke from buying a wiener to buy him real flowers, so I took a photo of some instead.

Happy birthday Carlos!


PhantomDane said...

a ha! caught you! lol but I am so glad....yay Tweed :) funny...our grocery list today included...weenies for the furbrats! btw my 5 yr old son wants to kidnap your angry donut.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Tweed - sounds like he did a great job!


Natalie said...

Congrats to Tweed! That's awesome!

Kittenz really are evil. I will not have them in my house anymore, even though they are so super duper cuuuute. But at least I get lots of Angry Donut pictures, because HOLY cuteness batman.

Poor dogs who didn't get weiners. :( Whatever shall they do.

MahnaMahna said...

Congrats to you and Tweed - yippee and many wieners!

And can I just say that I really like Skipper? He really looks like a dear old soul.

alicia marie said...

you give Skipper a wiener right now!

and I can't stop LOLing at "wiener-less Wootie" !!!

3dogslater said...

Yay Tweed - wasn't that his AGDC title too? It was a pretty sweet run, complete with a Tempus-if-you-take-that-tunnel-I'll-killl-you yell from his mom. What team run would be complete without one of those?

The Border Collies said...

"Yay Tweed - wasn't that his AGDC title too?"

Oh yes, I guess it is! I hadn't even thought of that!!

"you give Skipper a wiener right now!"

No!! Grumpy Skipper doesn't deserve a wiener!!

Angry Donut is very evil. Last night I had to chase her around the wet deck in my socks because she snuck out with the dogs! BADCAT! Also, she beats up Toilet Kitty. Oh to see him walking along with an AD hanging on his ear ... it's the feline version of Woo-and-Piper-at-the-beach!

Ralph said...

Hello just dropping by to say HIYA and congrats! I don't like kitties either... I want to CHASE!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! It's my favorite distraction while I'm at work or when I need a laugh.

Can I put in a request for more Red Dog? He pulls at my heartstrings :)

Stanley said...

Who knew wieners cost so much! Congratulations to Tweed. That wiener is much deserved!

All of your pups have perfected the "love me" look, and the pitiful "I can't believe you're even thinking of leaving" look. How do you get out the door during the day?

Goob love,