Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fun With Cola!!

You can do a lot with a can of coke.

Tweed says "Say what?"

Our lovely assistant Piper fetches the prop.

And the fun begins.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me."

Tweed says he refuses to be humiliated. He puts his foot down, but ... HA HA!

And it just gets worse from here.

"I wish I came from a shelter, so I could say 'Why didn't you just leave me in the shelter instead of torturing me like this??' What did I do?"

Even caffeine can't perk this puppy up.

For all his faults - and he has many - Tweed is the most Fun With Props. You can dress him in anything, put anything on him ... basically humiliate him to your heart's content, and he is more than happy to comply. He loves the attention and the mopey faces he makes are part of the fun.

Red Dog is not as much fun.

"You want me to what?"

"*sigh*. You are so juvenile."

As for Mr. Woo, he only knows one trick:


Poor, poor Tweed.


On the weekend we celebrated my Stepdad's birthday, and as I am rarely without camera, I snapped a few.

Aren't they adorable? Even though they aren't dogs?

The birthday boy himself!


AB said...

Awww poor Tweird. But that's why he's so charming....I bet he'd look fetching in a tutu ala Spike in The Game Plan (which is hilarious btw). Love the first Red Dog photo, where you can see the slightest tip of his tongue! Key-yute!

Oh and I listed your blog as a fav on my blog. I just got started, bare with me :)

otherwise known as PhantomDane

Anonymous said...

Tweed you are so adorable. The Cola pics just made me laugh, especially the caffeine one.

Anonymous said...

Does Piper fetch Beer?

Jen said...

Diet coke would be a better prop. Or beer. Especially beer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely photos - I'm having such a badddd day at work - and they absolutely cheer me up!

Anonymous said...

I think Tweed should apply to be a spokesdog for Coke - he's the most gorgeous Coke model I've ever seen!!


Anonymous said...

Piper fetch beer and the remote, Tweed entertain me, Woo bake cookies, Red Dog supervise,I'm going for a nap. I'm gonna get one or four border collies and replace hubby.

The Border Collies said...

I'm gonna get one or four border collies and replace hubby.

That's what I did! Sure, people give me funny looks when I tell them I sleep with Mr. Woo but what's a little weirdness amongst friends?