Sunday, September 02, 2007

Incognito (shhhh)

You all know Harriet

She belongs to my friend Jackie. She's as cute as button, remember?

Jackie is in Peru doing something very worthwhile with The Canadian Animal Assistance Team. Peru just suffered a massive earthquake, as you may have heard, and Jackie is there right now lending a helping hand.

So Harriet (and her greyhound sister Parker) are staying with Auntie Dove. And apparently, Auntie Dove is one sick bastard. Because I stopped by today to give Auntie Dove an extra dog crate and found Harriet looking like this:

What the hell? Does Jackie know what shennanigans Auntie Dove has been up to with her dog while she's away???

Just kidding. Dove is also an "Actor Dog" trainer and Harriet was selected to be a in television commercial, except she had to be black. The things people (dogs) will do for stardom! Harriet got a dye job.

I'm not convinced Harriet was all that impressed. I'm pretty sure she was silently begging me to help her.

I didn't though. I was too busy laughing my ass off.

So anyway, today I drove out to Hope to pick up yet another rescue dog. This one goes by the name of "Boy." Maybe you can tell me why.

(Eek! Doggie porn!)

Boy is really cute. He may or may not be a border collie. He may or may not be a cattle dog mix. He may or may not live to see another sunrise, because for the last 5 hours he has been alternately whining at me or barking at me to THROW HIS TOY. He is a fetch machine.

He also has a Really Big Head. I don't know what it is with me and foster dogs with Really Big Heads but somehow they all get filtered down the pipeline straight into my house.

Boy will stay with me for a few more days to have his testicles removed and await the return of his real foster home, Adrian, who is going to murder his visiting mother and bury her body in the Rockies (shhhh, you didn't hear it from me)

"Throw the ball. Oh god, please throw the ball. Please. Throw."

Once that has all been done, Boy will be looking for a forever home. If you like big headed dogs with lots to say, Boy may be the boy for you!!


Dove said...

ha ha ha! That is one terrible picture of Harriet! LOL! For anyone interested it should be mentioned that I dyed Harriet with temporary, all natural, non toxic hair dye and as you can see after only two days she is already faded from black to brown.
Also, Harriet LOVED working on set! She thought it was the greatest thing to be the center of attention and get paid (in treats) to race around after toys and treats with a camera rolling. Harriet is cetainly a little tv star in the making! Oh, and its a Hoover vacuum commercial so keep your eyes peeled for it this fall!

Riva said...

dear food lady,

please get me some acting jobs...i think mom would move to bc if i supported her.


a cute husky with attitude...Riva balls are grody

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh holly molly, that was the 1st thing come to my mind when I saw the 2nd pic. I thought Harriet was being treated bad enough to become that....phew~ you really scared me.

dp said...

Poor Harriet. And poor Boyo -- he's got ugly balls.

Faeri said...

Oh thank God. I saw a very upsetting image of something I just couldn't explain on my contacts list. TWAAW (which btw is the sound that a doorstop makes when you flick it) was able to explain it was just Harriet in costume. Wow.