Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sharing, Caring, Etc.


Not Sharing.

Kind of sharing.

Definitely not sharing!

Totally open to sharing:

So. Not. Sharing!

I guess Lars borrowed Piper's Mad Teeth (tm). He gave them back just in time for Piper to flash 'em at Woo though.

I am so happy to have my camera back!!! How else could I get a photo of The World's Flattest Dog?

A Headless Dog?

Or a leaping puppy?

I couldn't stop taking photos! If it moved, I took a photo. If it was stationary, I took a photo! If it didn't exist, I still tried to photograph it!

Cute hairy puppies!


Wet Tweeds!

And Dry Brody's!

Doesn't it make you just want to jump for joy?

Woo says YES!

This weekend is our fourth annual Hyperbowl, AKA Rescue Reunion. Be prepared for LOTS of photos!


Anonymous said...

You Sharing. Canon not sharing.

jane said...

I would love to see an entire series of photographs on Woo digging a hole and in different locales. Could you get started on that?