Friday, September 21, 2007

See ya on the flip side baby

On the border collie boards, someone came up with the brilliant idea of seeing what our dogs look like when reversed. No, not ass shots ... like, take half the dog, flip it around and glue it back on. That's not a very nice thing to do to real live dogs, so we do it in Photoshop.

I flipped Woo.
Looking a little beady eyed. Lost some of the Woo Magic. I'm not digging it.

I flipped 'im again
Ack! Woo has wings!!

I think I prefer him just the way he is.

Oh nos! What has Food Lady done this time?

Well, it is getting rainy and cold in Vancouver, you know. And Tweed is quite the boy scout. He's always prepared.

I would be much more concerned about him dressing up in my delicate underthings, if he put them on correctly.


I tried to dress up Mr. Woo, and this is what happened.
So I couldn't do it.

Red Dog avoided this humiliation by looking extraordinarily adorable.

And once he realized it was working, he did it again. I think he needs Woo's wings!

Tweed thought - "Aha! Good tactic. I'll be head-tiltingly adorable as well."


It worked for Piper though.
Tweed just can't get a break.

And for the Angry Donut fans ...

Still angry

Or maybe just hungry


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Mr. Woo's ears are bigger than your bra cup size?

The Border Collies said...

Of course! Woo has Porno Sized ears!

beca2--CL said...

I love Angry Donut. She's faboo!

Catherine said...

That flipping thing... creepy.

The cup size comment.... to go with the.... tail. I'll never look at Woo the same again.

So glad you have your camera back.

Jen said...

What did you use to make the mirror-images?

The Border Collies said...

Hi Jen,

I used photoshop to flip those images, but any graphics manipulation software would do it!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely am gaa-gaa over your gorgeous Red Dog!! He's such a darling cutie-pie! Red Dog is so lucky he lives across the ocean from us, or I just might have to bribe him to come live with me in exchange for all the steaks he wants! (Does Red Dog like steaks??) Haha. ;P

Your photos are really gorgeous - they make me so happy, just to see the silly faces. :)

Red Dog's biggest admirer
(And of the other dogs too, of course!)