Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stinky and The Flamboyance (tm)

It's totally not true

I'm not stinky. The only thing stinky in my life is that I STILL DON'T HAVE MY CAMERA!! Moreover, the promised Supervisory telephone call never happened. That really stinks. I hate Canon.

We just keep waiting and waiting.

So in the meantime, I torture you with goofy videos.

Today, The Beastie Boys (and girl) torture you with another beach video.

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So. The Flamboyance (tm). Ladies and Gentlemen, some of the Flamboyance (tm) has - gasp - gone missing! The Flamboyance (tm) is a lb or two lighter. Where did it go?

Is it playing with the kitten?

Is it being a Toupee on Piper?

Perhaps it's just taunting the Woo.

or maybe, because it had some salt water matts in it, I had to (SACRILEGE) snip some of it out with a pair of scissors.

I am toying with the idea of auctioning it off to raise money for a new camera.

After I mail a piece to Jane, of course :)


Anonymous said...

I watched your videos. Either your doggies move faster than I think, or you have speeded up the video so your doggies move faster than I think. Aging sucks farts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Food Lady you're covering up. Look again at picture of sweet, innocent, vindictive, Angry Donut. This kitty turned Piper into Cruella DeVil and Mr. Woo knows it.

Jane said...

You cut The Tail? I am horrified! Don't you understand that that will cause some of its power to leak out???? You should have spent several days gently teasing the matt out so no hair would be harmed! Poor Wootie, I think he looks alarmed in that picture!

Anonymous said...

18th less 13th - that's 5 whole days. I need a fix please. I said please. I'll beg and grovel if you want.