Sunday, September 09, 2007

Angry Consumers Unite!!

I love you all.

I am editing this to add - you know I can't take your money right? You all keep sending emails and notes offering me cash and I so SO appreciate it from all of you. It makes me almost heartbreakingly happy to know you guys like the blog THAT much. But I can't take your money. I just want you to know how much it means to me that you want to help.

If you want to give some money away, please give it to the border collies in our rescue. They deserve it more than I do:

The dogs who come into rescue, like Maddison who arrived recently:
They thank you for your generosity :)


'Cept I'm still thinking of buying another Canon. I know, I know!! But the thing is, I have all this canon glass, and accessories, and flash and ... well, anyway. One day I'd like a Nikon as well, but I am tres tempted by a 30D a guy has for sale on CL. I could use a back up, because no doubt one of these suckers will die on me again. Plus I really can't wait a month for my camera to come back. I have three shoots lined up, and the rains are coming ...

Anyone got $900.00 they wanna lend me??

But no rain today! Today was all sunshine and Mad Teeth (tm).


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Anonymous said...

Ok this was 'almost' as wonderful as your photos! Thank you for the daily fix and I hope you get your camera back soon. Hey did you see the 2 cutie BC pups for rescue at Big Heart Rescue? Are you up for Five Woofs and a Woo????

jane said...

Poor Tweed! That bridge did look scary!

Woo, your Tail is even more splendid when it's in action! I can tell that the other dogs are jealous of it! Tail Envy!

The Border Collies said...
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The Border Collies said...

Let's try that again.

I said - no puppies for me!! If I were going to get another dog, it would be:

However, five dogs is too many dogs for me. Four is just right! Until someone buys me acreage anyway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fix, just in time. My mum was whining, yes she whines better than me. Dog dammit whining is my job.

Lisa said...

Please put an Amazon tip jar or a paypal link on your site. I'll gladly kick in a few dollars and I bet a hundred other people will too!

Catherine said...

Most importantly... we got to see.... Red Dog!