Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who Needs A Stinkin' Camera??

So I posted this in the comments section originally, but realized that I should probably just post it so more people get a chance to see it.

While surfing the web (you know, with one hand on the keyboard, the other wiping tears from my eyes) I found some veeeery interesting information on the Canon Rebel (AKA the 300D) which is what I shoot with.

Apparently the problem is well documented. I am not the first person to have the dreaded "black screen" problem by any stretch of the imagination.

And again someone else notes the same problem. Several someones, if you read the comments.

I am a tad peeved by this. When I called Canon, the friendly man on the telephone said "Hmmmm, sounds like a sensor problem." Clearly, it is no sensor problem. Clearly, Canon knows this. I am so disappointed in their lack of response to a well documented problem. Hopefully, the repair will fix it for good, but I have lost faith in my camera! Which, BTW, I miss a lot.

And I'm not the only one who misses it! All of your posts and emails have been really great, serving to remind me daily that I have no camera. Just kidding! You have all been wonderful and I love the fact you all enjoy TWandAW so much. And that you complain. The most complainy of all the McComplainersons has definitely been Jane. Jane misses The Flamboyance and doesn't hesitate to tell me how much, and often.

So there's not much I can do ... except for this. Jane, this is for you!
This rendition of Woo and the Flamboyance courtesy of TexasOddity!

This rendition of Woo contributed by deavlynn!


If so, please
email it to me and I will post it here!!

This interpretation of Woo was contributed by Kat's Dogs!

This interpretation of Woo inspired by zillibean but done at Big Huge Labs!

This interpretation of Woo contributed by Vinds!

This interpretation of Woo was contributed by Sweet Ceana!

This asci rendition of Woo contributed by Barbara!

This rendition of Mr. Woo was submitted by Brandon M!

This rendition of Woo was contributed by RaisingRiver!

This interpretation of Woo was contributed by Alaska!

This rendition of Woo was submitted by Holly's Mum!

This rendition of Woo contributed by Odin's Momma!

Keep 'em coming folks!!


Jane said...

Artistic interpretation? HA! No artist can do justice to The Tail! I want pictures! Big, fluffy Wootail pictures! Go get Adrian's Nikon and get busy!

Anonymous said...

I love the artwork interpreting "The Flamboyance," but -- at least until you get your camera working again -- why not just run a "Best of 3Ws&aWoo" for a couple weeks?

You know, like summer reruns?